A Review of Topshop Military Boots

A few months ago I was in town shopping with one of my best friends and my boots just split. When I say split I mean literally-cannot-even-make-it-home kinda split. I usually get my boots from Dorothy Perkins but in my uni town it has closed down (sad times) so I thought why not try Topshop? I didn’t want to spend loads because I had to buy them on a whim. I found some that were down to £27.00 from £45.00. I couldn’t find the exact picture of them online but they are so similiar to the ones below but mine has a buckle across the front too. They turned out to be the best boots I have ever owned! I would definitely recommend buying boots from Topshop, they’re much better than any I have ever bought from New Look or Dorothy Perkins. They last so so much longer.

Black lace up chunky boots

What did I think?

They are amazing! They are so sturdy and have a brilliant grip on them. I have walked in them in snow, ice, rain – my feet have always stayed dry and I haven’t slipped once (and you could say I am a tad clumsy)! They are dead easy to polish and look great with jeans, skirts, dresses. I have actually even worn them on a night out! They did take a bit of wearing in though (my poor feet cried for about two weeks) but it was definitely worth it!

Are they worth the price?

Definitely! They were originally £45.00 but I bought them for £27.00. I saw that they had been reduced AGAIN to £20.00 so bought my mom some too! They miiiiiight even be some left in a Topshop near you!


My Post Assignment Shopping Haul!

After a gruelling two weeks of essay writing, last Friday I finaaaaallllly handed in my 16000 words! So what better way to celebrate than venturing out onto a make-up and shopping spree! Some of my rewards were in store items and some were online but I’ll specify below which ones were which, as well as prices and a mini review of each item! Soo let’s get started!


From Topshop I bought two pairs of JONI super high waisted skinny jeans. I bought one blue and one black pair. They were £36.00 each but I bought them for less with my student discount. I always always always buy my jeans from Topshop. I find them really reliable and long lasting. For how much I wear them and their quality I find the price to be really reasonable. I’m really into the high waisted style lately, I think it looks great with crop tops, jumpers and your everyday vests, t-shirts and shirts.


As the closest MAC shop to me is Leeds I bought my items online. They arrived super quick and were well packaged. I love how the individual items come in black MAC boxes too!

 Haute & Naughty Lash

The first item I bought was the ‘Haute and Naughty Lash Double Effect’ mascara. It is amazing!! It makes my eyelashes look fuller and longer. It does not clump either which is a rare find! It was £19.00 and I personally would say it was worth the bit extra money because the quality is amazing.

The next item I bought was the ‘Arena Satin’ eye shadow. I really wanted a nude/natural looking eyeshadow for everyday usage and this is perfect. I find the MAC eye shadows so classy and I can’t wait to apply it! They have such a wide range on their website, as well as pallets with 4 colours in. This eye shadow was £13.00. Again I think it is worth paying more because they are long lasting and you know that you are putting good quality products on your skin, especially your eyelids which are really sensitive.

 Oval 3 Brush

My final product from MAC was the ‘Oval 3’ eye shadow brush. This is perfect for blending and it came in a beautiful box. The bristles are incredibly soft and the brush itself is slightly curved which makes it so much easier to apply my eye shadow. This cost £28.00. I love collecting great quality brushes, I have brushes by MAC, Chanel and Body Shop and it makes a lot of difference when applying make up. Even though they are quite expensive I take good care of them by washing them regularly.


Zoella Eyes Beauty Bag

I have been wanting the Zoella make up bag for a while now but it was never in stock in store, so I bought it online. There are three different styles. It is a lot bigger than I expected which is great! It’s easily wipe-able and durable – great for travel and everyday usage. It was only £8.00 and I love it!

B. Sculpted Contour Kit Medium

I absolutely love contouring. I really think that it can transform your look as it allows you to try different shades and shapes on your face. This medium contouring kit was £10.49 from Superdrug. Again I couldn’t find this in store because of its popularity so had to order this online.

Revlon Contour Shadow Brush

To go with my new contouring kit I bought the Revlon ‘Contour Shadow Brush’ to apply the make up. This was £5.99 and definitely worth it! It is so soft, and makes applying really easy!

On My Wish List

Beige floppy oversized fedora hat

This beige, over-sized fedora hat from River Island!

A Review of MAC Lipstick

Which One Did I Buy?

In November I bought my first ever MAC lipstick (took a while right?!). I’m a hugeee fan of lipstick I think it looks really classy and whenever I wear it I feel Beyonce confident. I wandered into the MAC shop in Kensington and went straight to the lip section. There were so many different colours and shades! I really love a pink lipstick so I ended up going for the MAC Retro Matte All Fired Up lipstick. It is £15.50 on their website.

What Did I Think?

I have tried so so many different brands but I can honestly say that my MAC one is the best! What annoys me about lipstick is that you have to keep reapplying it – after drinking, eating and overtime but this lipstick lasts a while! It also smells really nice which I’ve never had before with any of my other lipsticks. It is a really strong colour and definitely worth the money. I have had a lot of compliments when I am wearing it.

The Pros

– Strong colour

– Many types to choose from

– Stays on for a while

– Smells gorgeous!

– Keeps its shape – good for applying even after a while

The Cons

– Costs a little bit more than everyday lipsticks BUT because I have to apply it less it lasts a lot longer so is actually cost effective.

Would I Buy It Again?

YES!! In fact I have ordered a few more shades!