A Review of MAC Lipstick

Which One Did I Buy?

In November I bought my first ever MAC lipstick (took a while right?!). I’m a hugeee fan of lipstick I think it looks really classy and whenever I wear it I feel Beyonce confident. I wandered into the MAC shop in Kensington and went straight to the lip section. There were so many different colours and shades! I really love a pink lipstick so I ended up going for the MAC Retro Matte All Fired Up lipstick. It is £15.50 on their website.

What Did I Think?

I have tried so so many different brands but I can honestly say that my MAC one is the best! What annoys me about lipstick is that you have to keep reapplying it – after drinking, eating and overtime but this lipstick lasts a while! It also smells really nice which I’ve never had before with any of my other lipsticks. It is a really strong colour and definitely worth the money. I have had a lot of compliments when I am wearing it.

The Pros

– Strong colour

– Many types to choose from

– Stays on for a while

– Smells gorgeous!

– Keeps its shape – good for applying even after a while

The Cons

– Costs a little bit more than everyday lipsticks BUT because I have to apply it less it lasts a lot longer so is actually cost effective.

Would I Buy It Again?

YES!! In fact I have ordered a few more shades!


3 thoughts on “A Review of MAC Lipstick

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