A Review of Topshop Military Boots

A few months ago I was in town shopping with one of my best friends and my boots just split. When I say split I mean literally-cannot-even-make-it-home kinda split. I usually get my boots from Dorothy Perkins but in my uni town it has closed down (sad times) so I thought why not try Topshop? I didn’t want to spend loads because I had to buy them on a whim. I found some that were down to £27.00 from £45.00. I couldn’t find the exact picture of them online but they are so similiar to the ones below but mine has a buckle across the front too. They turned out to be the best boots I have ever owned! I would definitely recommend buying boots from Topshop, they’re much better than any I have ever bought from New Look or Dorothy Perkins. They last so so much longer.

Black lace up chunky boots

What did I think?

They are amazing! They are so sturdy and have a brilliant grip on them. I have walked in them in snow, ice, rain – my feet have always stayed dry and I haven’t slipped once (and you could say I am a tad clumsy)! They are dead easy to polish and look great with jeans, skirts, dresses. I have actually even worn them on a night out! They did take a bit of wearing in though (my poor feet cried for about two weeks) but it was definitely worth it!

Are they worth the price?

Definitely! They were originally £45.00 but I bought them for £27.00. I saw that they had been reduced AGAIN to £20.00 so bought my mom some too! They miiiiiight even be some left in a Topshop near you!


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