How to Contour

I have gone on about the wonders of contouring in so so many of my blog posts that I thought it was time for a ‘how to’ article. I first became interested in contouring when I saw this image of Kim Kardashian.

I had no clue what it was. I had always wondered how her features looked so defined and discovered that this was the reason! So I started googling ‘contouring’. It revolves around creating light and dark shades on your face to create different effects. So for instance by drawing a light shade down the middle of your nose and dark at the sides of your nose, it gives the illusion your nose is thinner. Or that if you put dark shades on your cheekbones that they are more defined.

What products should I use?

Low Budget

If you are sticking to a budget you can literally contour with products you already own! Before I started using a contouring kit I just used a concealer for the light shades and for the dark shades I used a range of brown eye-shadows.

Drugstore Contour Kits

I don’t feel like you need to splash out on contouring kits at all. I use the B. Sculpted Contour Kit Medium from Superdrug. There are three shades – light, medium, dark (depending on your skin shade). It was £7.49. I could not find it in any store I went to so I had to order it online. I really recommend it, it goes on the skin really easily and blends easily also.

To apply this with I bought the Revlon Contour Shadow Brush (also from Superdrug). The brush is quite small so perfect for drawing definitive lines (especially down the nose and along the cheekbones). This brush is also now in the sale at £3.99!

Revlon Contour Shadow Brush

What goes first – foundation or contouring?

Different people apply it in different ways. I tend to apply my primer then contour then blend in with my foundation over the top (then apply bronzer/blusher). I have tried both ways and found if you apply foundation first it doesn’t blend as well and can look a bit clunky. It looked like I had blocks of light and dark shapes on my face when I applied foundation first. Personally I would contour first but that’s just my preference – try it both ways and see what suits you!

Where should I apply the light shades?

– Down the middle of your nose (apply this really carefully- making sure it is straight!)

– Between your eyebrows/lower forehead

– Under the eyes (where you would apply your concealer)

– Above your lips

– On your chin

– Just under your eyebrows

– In between your cheekbones and your jawline

Where should I apply the dark shades?

– The sides of your nose

– Just above your eyelids

– Your cheekbones

– Your jawline (make sure this is blended well)

– The top and sides of your forehead

Hints and Tips

– Don’t hold back! Go crazy with the dark and light shades, after all it’s all going to be blended in anyways!


5 thoughts on “How to Contour

  1. It’s probably the hardest thing for me ever !!!
    Thanks for this great article !! I MUST try your tips !! ❤
    Your blog is fabulous!! you've got my official follow C:

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