Monday Summary ♥

Alongside my fashion and beauty posts I thought I would write more personal posts because I don’t do it very often and would like to document my life a bit more! I have had such a good day today! ♥


2015-03-30 14.35.31

I went out for lunch with my flatmate and this was my pudding! I never ever manage to finish these ice cream sundaes but this one was too good not to finish! It was an Oreo-toffee sundae with miniature smarties on top! We had a lovely meal at Harvester before we both go home from University for Easter.

2015-02-22 16.07.11

I then braved the horrible weather (today it’s been torrential raining and windy at the same time – not ideal!) to go meet my best friend for a coffee catch up date at Cafe Nero!

I caught up on last night’s episode which was soo good!! I always think they paint Scott in such a bad light though.

I have to read this raunchy little novel for my Neo-Victorianisms module. This book has been one of the easier ones to read on the reading list. Waters’s writing style flows so smoothly – plus the plot is gripping!

This picture I feel represents how much I am taking home with me tomorrow! I’ve literally been packing endless books, clothes and my baking things (keep your eyes peeled for some cake baking tutorials soooon!)


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