Sephora Haul

I have never ever been to Sephora (I don’t think there are any or many in the UK). When I was on holiday to Prague recently our hotel was just next to this massive mall! I have heard fashion and beauty bloggers rave about the make up at Sephora so was dying to go in! I ended up getting so much stuff, it was so hard to choose what I wanted because there was such a selection of pretty shades so here is what fit into my suitcase!

*I aren’t putting prices on these like usual because they were in Czech currency not English pounds so the conversion might not be 100% accurate.

1) Too Faced Cocoa Contour

Face contouring and highlighting kit.

I own a contouring kit from Superdrug but I prefer this one so much more. This kit has powders which are perfect for over/under foundation depending on what you prefer. There are two light shades (one a shimmery one) and two dark shades – so it gives you the option to use four or two depending on what look you want and how much time you have. The brush is so soft and this is the best contour kit I have come across so far!

2) Sephora mattifying compact powder – clair light 20

I was in desperate need of some pressed powder for Summer. This one is perfect as it doesn’t dry out my skin and goes on really well over my foundation or on my bare skin.

3) Sephora bronzing powder – medium 2

I actually bought two of these (one for my sister too). I love this bronzer, especially the star pattern. You only need to apply a little to your brush.

4) Sephora’s eyeshadow – ‘Hollywood’s Calling 82’

This colour is so beautiful! I use it at the corner of my eye and under my eye for a shimmery effect. I love it!

5) Sephora’s eyeshadow – ‘Starry Sky 55’

I bought this to wear for nights out for the smokey eye look.

6) Pretty in pink 23 lipgloss

I love this lipgloss! It’s perfect for everyday use and stays on really well!

7) Precision powder 59 brush

I bought this powder brush to apply my new powder! It’s so soft and applies it really well.

8) Must-have precision cream shadow brush 80

I bought this to apply my eye shadow underneath my eye or on my eyelid like eyeliner because the bristles are small and perfect for precision work.

9) Angled shadow brush 13

I bought this to apply eye shadow to the crease between my eyelid and my brow (I’m sure it has a proper name!).


5 thoughts on “Sephora Haul

  1. I understand your enthusiasm after stepping into a Sephora! We don’t have it here too so it’s a crazy place right! I love what you’ve bought from there 🙂 I have the bronzer and the mattifying compact powder both powders are amazing and good value for the price…

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