My Prague Adventure Day 1 and 2

Recently I took a visit to the amazing place that is Prague! My flatmate and I booked it on a whim during essay/exam season at uni for something to look forward to once we had finished. It came around so quickly! We flew from Luton in England around lunchtime. Our hotel was amazing! We stayed at a hotel called Panorama which was just a tube away from the centre of Prague itself.As soon as we arrived we were told we had been upgraded too! (which meant we got a much better room and free breakfast everyday! yayy!) Our hotel was opposite a massive mall so on the first night we went shopping and ate at this gorgeous restaurant.

One thing about Prague which I really loved were the people. The locals were honestly so so friendly – they really made an effort with us and we so patient when we didn’t get the currency/vocab quite right!

View from our hotel!

On our first proper day we got the metro into the centre and visited first the new town. This was mainly modern shops and restaurants. It is also where the opera house and a museum we went to was.

Then we walked through to the old town which was definitely my favourite. The old town is where the famous old square is in Prague. The buildings were so pretty – all a different pastel colour.

Here we made friends with a Russian girl and we rode segways which was so much fun!

We ate outside because the weather was gorgeous! We then went into the Jewish Quarters. Having visited Auschwitz, Jewish history really interests me. Here we saw Synagogues and learnt a lot about Judaism both now and throughout history (especially in the world wars) which was really interesting.

Once we had visited the Jewish Quarters we climbed the famous tower. Once we reached the top the views were incredible. You walked around in a square at the top so you got to see every view of Prague which was beautiful!

Once we came down we saw the famous cuckcoo clock characters come out, which was really cool!

Then we jumped on the metro back to the new town to visit the National Museum. This was really strange but quite interesting! It had everything from skeletons to stuffed animals! It was an experience! I think the exhibitions were Noahs Arc and Death!

After the museum we visited the famous Charles Bridge where we saw all the beautiful statues either side and more amazing views of Prague. Once we went to the other side we stood and watched street entertainers. They were really really good and reminded me of the street entertainers down Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

After this we found an awesome pirate themed sweet shop. All the sweets were in treasure chests! By this point our feet were pretty much numb from all the walking so we headed back and chilled for a bit in our room. Then went back to the mall to our favourite restaurant! The people were so lovely and the food was unreal! The pizzas were huge!! They were so so cheap as well! Then we wandered back super full and watched films!


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