June Favourites ♥

June has been such a great month for me! I have moved back home from university and started my new job! I have also been to Prague, rejoined the gym and done loads of fun stuff with my family! I have bought a load of new products too and here are my favourites…

1) Barry M Brow Kit 

You can get this from Boots, Superdrug and even River Island! My cousin recommended this to me a while ago and I saw it whilst waiting to pay at River Island. It is amazing – it has a white shadow for under and over your brows to make them look more defined, as well as two shades of brown for your brows. It has a two sided angled brush as well as some mini tweezers which are actually pretty good! My brows always look natural when I use the kit. I personally find it a lot better than an eyebrow pencil because it lasts a lot longer and also looks more natural once applied.

2) Too Faced Cocoa Contour 

I bought this in Sephora from Prague and I really wish I had bought about five of these because it is honestly the best contour kit I have come across! Some contour kits can make it look really obvious that you have contoured whereas this is really subtle but still does the job. There are two dark shades, one light shade and a shimmer shade to highlight your cheekbones further! It comes with a little brush too which is really handy! I use that brush for the dark shading and just a regular powder brush for the lighter colours!

3) Foundation Sponge

I bought this from BB Beautique. It is incredible! My foundation brush literally just moved my foundation around my face but this sponge really rubs it in. It is perfect for over my contour because I can use different sides to rub over the dark and the light which is useful. Also the tip is really useful for detail work especially around my eyes and hair line. They are super cheap – I think this one was only three pounds.

4) Sephora’s eyeshadow – ‘Hollywood’s Calling 82′

Another Sephora product I am in love with! I love the golden brown shimmery shade! It stays on and the glitter doesn’t spread over my face either. It can be applied on the lid or in the corners or below your eye. I love it!

5) Norwegian Hand Cream

You can get this at pretty much any drugs store like Boots or Superdrug. I bought it to go on my desk at work to moisturise my hands during the day. It is so good and smells great! It leaves my hands feeling so soft! It was really cheap too – less than three pounds!

On my wish list for July… 

Sheen Supreme Insanely It MAC Lipstick

 Sheen Supreme Lipstick


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