Love/Hate Tag

I have been invited by the lovely to do the love/hate tag. Her blog is fabulous full of beauty and interesting travelling posts – definitely check it out!

Here are the rules: List 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. Nominate 10 people for the tag.

10 Things I love

1. Visiting new places. I love to travel to new places and countries. I love experiencing new cultures, getting lost in the different histories and just being in places that are out of the ordinary to me. I definitely caught the travelling bug a long time ago!

2. Having really long conversations. I love just staying up all night/ going for long walks and getting lost in conversation with my favourite people.

3. Doing crazy sports – sky diving, zip lining, rock it ball – you name it if it’s a crazy sport I will give it a go. I love the feeling of being daring and trying new things. The feeling of accomplishment (especially of something you never thought you’d do) is incredible and gives you such a buzz.

4. Applying make up. When I was at school art was definitely one of my favourite subjects and I see make up as a kind of art. I love mixing different shades and experimenting with new looks. I don’t wear make up very often either so when I do I find it a really fun and calming experience. Plus whenever I wear make up it’s for a special occasion so I associate it with excitement!

5. Watching my cousins grow. I am the oldest cousin and I have four cousins younger than me (now they are 16, 14, 11 and 8). I remember each one of them being born and I love watching them accomplish great things. They are all so different and I love spending time with them – whether it’s watching their school plays, having sleepovers or just eating fish and chips/dominoes on a lazy Friday night.

6. Baking and cooking. I find it so relaxing! I love it when I know that people have really enjoyed what I have baked/ cooked for them. My favourite thing to bake is chocolate fudge cake! My favourite thing to cook is mexican food.

7. Reading Rom Com novels. I love to read a good love story, I always end up crying but I love those sorta Nicholas Sparks type books.

8. Laughing until I cry. My mom and I recently went shopping and on the train back we made an inside joke and could not stop laughing. I am talking about the can’t-breathe-mascara-running-red-face kinda laughter. In my family we act silly all the time – we’ve always had a lottttt of fun and laughter in our house.

9. Yorkshire. Going to uni really made me realise how much I love where I live. Yorkshire people are super friendly and will practically become best friends with people they stand with at the bus stop. The views are incredible – I love the Yorkshire moors. The water is amazing (if you have ever tasted Yorkshire water you’ll know what I’m talking about). And the accent just feels like home.

10. My best friends. I feel so lucky to have best friends who will always be there and make me laugh. I have had some of my best memories with them!

Ten Things I Hate

1. When people make rude/horrible comments about Jewish people. Having gone to Auschwitz it really really makes my blood boil when I see someone being awful about Jewish people.

2. Cheaters. It baffles me as to why people don’t end relationships before they start something with someone else.

3. Tuna – dear god it is horrid. I once had a warm tuna sandwich *shudder* (which clearly scarred me for life) and from that day on never ever ate tuna again.

4. People that walk sooooooo slowly when you’re in a rush. I swear every time I am in a rush to be somewhere I end up just chilling behind people that could only have been a sloth in their past life.

5. Guys that wolf whistle/make comments at me and think it’s okay to come up to me and get in my face. I think it is so disrespectful to catcall. I have never heard a story where a woman is minding her own business and a guy shouts something like ‘DATT ASS’ (yeah that really was said to me) and the woman stops and says ‘Oh my god I want to marry that guy’.

6. People who bikini shame women they think are ‘too big’ to wear bikinis. Women can wear what the hell makes them feel like a sass queen and it isn’t right to rain on their glam parade.

7. When you smudge your nail varnish after just applying it (or even worse spill dark purple nail varnish all over your new £50.00 beautiful bedding *cries inside*).

8. People who are against women boxing *Amir Khan I’m looking at you*. Women boxers are incredible – I’ve sparred and trained with some crazy talented girl boxers who would no doubt send men face first to the canvas. Just because they are women does not mean that they are any less strong or skilled than men.

9. Rude people. It doesn’t cost to hold doors open/ say please or thank you. It is literally one of my biggest pet peeves.

10. When people can see the bus/train/any transport is getting full and people are standing but still insist that their Wilkinson’s carrier bag deserves a seat more than an actual human being. Maaaaaaan that grinds my gears.

Now it is your turn…

13 thoughts on “Love/Hate Tag

  1. hi chick thanks for nominating me I’m doing mine tonight I’m going to sound really stupid but how do I tagg my ten people to do it? I’m new to this site and it still confuses me lol X

    • You’re welcome 🙂 you put the website name then highlight it and at the top of your post there should be a few little icons and if you hover your mouse over them one of them should say insert link and then you paste the link into the box then click okay 🙂 but when you do that it doesn’t automatically let the person know you have tagged them so you have to comment on their site 🙂 sorry for the long post lol xxx

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