My University Graduation

Firstly I apologize for not writing a post in a while! I have had my university graduation and have been on an amazing get away to Budapest! (but more about that later!). I thought I would write two posts on my graduation day and ball because it has been a massive mile stone for me! Graduating university has been an ambition of mine since I was a little girl. It was such an incredible day for my parents and I!

We set off early to travel back to my university which was so strange! I have been home officially from uni now for about two months so it felt strange not going back with the car packed full to the brim with all my stuff! We arrived there and were staying in my old room. I was quite fortunate to have a big room with my own en-suite for my final year. We got ready for the ceremony then travelled onto campus!

There was a shuttle bus to take us to where the ceremony and gown collection was because my uni campus is huge! (It actually is one of the biggest campuses in Europe apparently!) I went to collect my gown and register. The gown itself was so warm! It is catered to everybody’s height so fit well. I saw one of my old work colleagues there too which was lovely. We then went to have the official university photos taken (where you have a scroll and wear the traditional hat). First I had one by myself then another with my parents which was really nice!

I then met all of my friends at our department because the English department had organised a hog roast picnic for before the ceremony. It was so great to see my lecturers and my friends again! I was super nervous though for the ceremony!

The ceremony itself didn’t take that long – it was only an hour and a half! We were ushered to our seats then the procession started which included important people from the uni such as the Vice Chancellor who were going to sit on stage. One of the procession worked with me at the library so when I was on stage I gave her a big cheesy grin! We had a few speeches and a video about my university’s achievements this past year then the ceremony started. It was so nerve wracking going up on stage but I didn’t fall over! I was so happy and relieved to get my certificate!

After the ceremony closed me and my friends dashed to the iconic places for photos on campus (the fountain and the Loughborough sign). We clambered onto the sign for photos in our heels and dresses! Then we handed our robes back and I went for a meal with my parents.

The day itself was so much fun. My parents really enjoyed themselves too. The weather was really nice and sunny as well which was great!


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