35 Things I learnt in my final year at university

Every year it has been a sort of tradition that when my university year comes to a close I write a list of all the random silly things I have learnt along the way!

If you fancy reading the list from first year click here or if you want to read the list from second year click here.

Here is the final year’s list…

  • Having my feet dangling over the edge of a plane 13000 feet up made me laugh not cry

  • Never ever ever ever will I have another chilli vodka shot as long as I live
  • Even after three years the Yorkshire accent is still a novelty to 99.9% of people
  • And even after three years the midland’s water doesn’t taste any better
  • Tabata fitness classes hurt so bad (but are so worth it)
  • Cycling on campus is actually quite fun
  • Having my own en-suite for the first time is the best
  • Work experience at one of the top UK newspapers gave me a taste of the busy London working life
  • MAC and Sephora shopping sprees are very addictive (and also an expensive habit)
  • The fireworks at Regent Street Christmas lights switch on were amazing
  • Having a takeaway after a night out in Paris means chocolate crepes (which I could get used to)
  • Being a librarian is awesome

  • The best bookshop in the entire world is situated in Carlisle, Cumbria
  • It’s still acceptable to dress up for Halloween (even if it is as a zombie school girl)

  • Third year means the nights out (although lesser )are bigger, better and crazier
  • Dark purple lipstick is chic
  • Working in a job with your best friend is never dull

  • My homemade cottage pie is now perfected
  • The notebook made me cry more than any other film EVER
  • Neo-Victorianism is one of my favourite book genres
  • Zoella’s vlogs are addictive
  • Dissertation takes over your life but you learn to (secretly) love it
  • There are no sport facilities like my uni’s (skyping on a treadmill say whaaaaat?!)
  • Pigeon Detectives and Professor Green are fantastic live
  • Having a chocolate fountain in a club is a genius idea
  • Receiving my degree certificate was the proudest moment of my life

  • Visiting London, Liverpool, Paris, Prague and Budapest all in my final year was incredible!
  • My parents surprising me at uni on my 21st birthday was the sweetest thing!
  • Liverpool is the place to go for a class night out

  • Having five inches cut off my hair in one go was definitely for the greater good
  • The novel Dracula is now one of my all-time favourites ever!
  • Leaving university was the saddest thing I have ever had to do

  • After three years at uni I am now a pro at packing and unpacking in record time
  • Arthur Conan Doyle’s publishing history is really fascinating
  • Loughborough will always be my second home

2 thoughts on “35 Things I learnt in my final year at university

  1. You’re so right, shopping sprees are becoming insanely addictive to me and I’m only in my first year! I’d love to see the fireworks and Christmas light switch one sometime in my life too, love this post. x

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