Fashionista’s Dream Closet

One of the things I tend to hoard is clothes. Every time I step onto my local high street I am drawn into boutiques and big branded stores. ‘I’ll just browse’ are my famous last words, then before you know it I emerge from the shop’s interior armed with colourful bags of latest additions to my ever growing addiction. Sure, I love fashion as much as the next fashion and beauty blogger, but for me, it isn’t about the latest craze, it’s about what makes me look and feel fabulous. Where do I house my expanding collection you might ask? Well I have two rails, two sets of draws and a wardrobe bursting full of fabrics in my bedroom. In future I would love a closet or walk in wardrobe to house my collection.

I am currently re-designing my bedroom since I moved back home permanently from university. Recently I have really taken an interest in interior design. I have mood boards and several inspirations for this. One inspiration was Compass, a real estate platform based in New York. To me, New York reminds me of Sex and the City with Carrie Bradshaw’s amazing closet (I’m talking about the one Mr Big designed for her). Their website has so many gorgeous New York apartments!

One particular inspiration I got from compass was an apartment called ‘The Arthur‘ based in Chelsea, Manhattan.

245 West 25th Street Image #1

Here I envisioned a closet to rival Carrie Bradshaw’s. I would love my perfect closet to be modern – with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Like the one below from Next.

Aubrey 4 Light

I would have white shelving and rails to go around the outsides of the walls, with a large mirror in the middle of the room. Similar to this Charlotte Pewter floor mirror also from Next.

Charlotte Pewter Floor Mirror

In the middle of the closet would be seating similiar to the one in this couture closet below.

It would be split up into sections such as blazers, jumpers, cardigans, shirts etc. With special shelving dedicated to my shoes (which surprisingly I don’t have many pairs of!). I have found so much inspiration for my mood boards on my room revamp and my dream closet! I will keep you posted with before and after pictures once I have got past the painting phase!


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