The Hun Obsession

I absolutely love the latest hairstyle that has been coined ‘the hun’. It is basically a half up/half down do, with the half up part being a bun. It is super easy and quick to do! It is perfect if you want your hair to be out of your face but not up altogether. Also it works on all hair types!

How to do ‘the hun’

1- Wash and blow dry your hair. Then brush through to take out any tangles.

2 – Use your index fingers and just above your ears gather your hair until it is in a half ponytail. Secure it with a bobble. It can be as high or low as you want but I tend to have mine so you can see the bobble in the mirror.

3- Then backcomb your ponytail lightly with a comb, this is to give it a bit of volume.

4- Once your ponytail has been backcombed, twist the end of the hair by twirling it around. My hair is quite layered so my shorted layers tend to fall out but that’s okay because it gives it a messier look!

5- Then twist the hair around your bobble into a bun and secure with a clear elastic band (which you can buy super cheap from most drug stores!).

6- Then if needed you can secure the bun down with a few bobby pins. Play around with it to get it to how you want it to look – I prefer it to look messier and bigger. I also tend to pull a few pieces of hair down to make it look messier around my face.

7- Ta daaaah – your ‘hun’ should be complete! Spritz a bit of hairspray on it to keep it in place and there you go!

Here are a few times I have rocked ‘the hun’..

On a hike in Vienna

At a festival 


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