Sweater Weather Tag

Thank you veeeeery much to the lovely Bapalaya for tagging me to do this post! I had a lot of fun doing this post – you guys should check out her blog it’s fab!

1. Favorite candle scent?

Hmm probably something sweet but not too overpowering. I love Yankee candles – I used to work by a Yankee candle store so every time I was at work I would pop in and have a little browse!

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

This is so hard! Erm I love them all, recently I have gotten into the herbal tea life – you can’t beat a bit of green tea with lemon. But my all time favourite would have to be a hot chocolate (made with milk not boiling water) with teeny tiny marshmallows, fresh cream and – hey – why not add a chocolate flake in there too!

3. What’s the best fall memory you have?

Fall usually comes around when it’s the beginning of school/university so I guess my favourite fall memory is that – seeing all my friends again excited (especially at uni with most of my friends living at the other end of the country), everyone in new clothes (and new knit wear fashions) with new stationary ready for the new term/semester/academic year.

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?

I am allllll about the dark lipped life. A few of my favourites are Kate Moss 107 and just a simple dark purple from the Topshop’s own range. I love dark lips – day or night really. The only time I would wear eyeliner on top of my eyelid is when I am wearing fake lashes. I tend to go for a more natural look during the day too so I wouldn’t really ever wear winged eyeliner.

2015-02-16 13.52.41

5. Best fragrance for fall?

Probably something fruity and fresh – I loveeee Victoria’s Secret body sprays.

6. Favorite Thanksgiving food (or fall food if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving?)

In England we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I guess fall food would be lovely warm homemade meals like pie or homemade soup. So I would probably say that. My grandma makes the best homemade soup!

7. What is autumn weather like where you live?

Crisp and cold! I live in Yorkshire so it generally is quite cold, rainy and breezy in the fall!

8. Most worn sweater?

I have an old school Ralph Lauren Polo black oversized jumper with an American flag on which I wear a lot. It goes so well with leggings and jeans and is really warm! It was a twice hand me down so is proper cosy!

FullSizeRender (4)

9. Must-have nail polish this fall?

Ooh in the fall I prefer a red nail polish with sparkles on top! This ‘Raspberry’ shade by Barry M at £2.99 is perfect!

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

Football games definitely! I am going to watch my favourite team Manchester City next weekend wooo! My dad and I always go to football games together and I love it!

11. Skinny jeans or leggings?

I love skinny jeans for going out tucked into some chunky boots or Uggs but for the days in when it is raining outside and I’m chilling, I prefer leggings!

12. Combat boots or Uggs?

To me you either love Uggs or hate them and I must admit I am a huge fan of them (on girls though – I think they look bizarre on men!). My parents bought me some one year for my birthday and I LOVED them – I literally never took them off.

13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

Do ya know I have never ever tried it! I shall have to try some and see if it is indeed worth the hype!

14. Favorite fall TV show?

I am not sure but I loveeee watching Sex and the City at the moment! I’m watching the whole box set in order.

15. What song really gets you into the fall spirit?

Probably ‘Otto Knows – Million Voices’ as this was my freshers song. So every time September/October comes around I always think of this song!

16. Halloween- Yay or Nay?

YAY. At uni Halloween was amazing in my final year we had a special night out called Mayhem where you paid for a wrist band and could get into 5 different clubs. I remember that night being so much fun.When I was little I used to love Halloween – my mom would take my sister and I trick or treating and we would come back with loads of goodies! Although one year my sister and I were pretty annoyed at one man that gave us an orange instead of sweeties!

17. Fall mornings or evenings?

I love the mornings in the fall. I walk to work everyday and the mornings are perfect – crisp but warm at the same time because of the morning sun.

18. What do you think about Black Friday?

I personally wouldn’t ever buy anything on Black Friday. For me, shopping is a calm, relaxing and therapeutic experience and nothing screams ‘STRESSSSSSSS’ like rushing around red faced, people shoving/elbowing you and panic buying. I wouldn’t even do it online because I’d end up buying stuff I wouldn’t even want or need because it is on sale. I would prefer to pay full price than ruin my calm shopping experience. LOL rant over.

19. One Fall 2015 trend you love?

I can’t pick oneeeee! I am a huge knit wear/big coat lover. I loveeee buying new scarves, hats and gloves and also a new winter coat. I bought a scarf last year from Topshop and it is navy and red patterned (it has reversible patterns on the other side). It is so thick and lovely and warm. So chunky knit wear and winter coats are my fave 2015 fall trend.

20. Favorite type of pie?

I literally cannot even pick one haha everyone knows that pie is my all time favourite food. Probably meat and potato pie for mains and apple pie with custard for dessert!

I would like to nominate anybody and everybody who wants to do this tag! xox


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