25 Random Facts About Me

About me!
Here is 25 random facts about me instead of a boring bio that you really don’t wanna read…


1- If I had the choice I would wear 6 inch heels every single day. Unlike most people I find them surprisingly comfortable..

2- I was an extra in the tv series Waterloo Road.

3- Winter is by far my most favourite season because 1- my birthday AND Christmas falls in Winter and 2- I love being cosy inside with the fire on watching the snow fall outside.

4-I have just finished reading ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green and it is AMAZING.

5- I am probably the most talkative person you will ever encounter.

6- I often talk in Yorkshire slang just to confuse people that live outside of Yorkshire.

7- Me and my mom cannot remember when the last day that we didn’t eat chocolate was.

8- I would LOVE to own Kylie Jenner’s wardrobe, I am a huge fan of her style.

9- I have a strict no-watching-the-film-before-reading-the-book policy.

10- I have to drink goats milk because cows milk makes me sneeze and have flu like symptoms (strange I know).

11- My best friends in the world would no doubt have to be my parents and sister.

12- I love Smurfs and have a mini addiction to their game.

13- In my past life I swear I was a hairdresser. Since I was little I could french plait, german plait and do cool things to mine and other people’s hair.

14-In my first year of University I ate literally so much cookie crisp cereal that I can’t even look at the packaging anymore without feeling a little bit sick.

15- I pretty much always have cold hands and feet, so I wear fluffy socks all year round.

16- I never read one book at once. Why read one when you can read three at the same time right?

17- I once won a Pogo Stick Jumping competiton and I used to be able to pogo only using one foot and one hand (bizarre I know).

18- I have worn glasses since the age of five and because I wore them my mom allowed me a present and what did I ask for? My ears pierced…

19- I would love to be from the Bronte era, I think I was born in the wrong time period.

20- I hoard clothes. My clothes collection has now grown so much that I need an extra two rails in my bedroom to accommodate them (oops).

21- Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are my inspirations. I also have a Monroe phone case.

22- I wear a bracelet everyday which says ‘DooDaDooIt’sAllGood’.

23- When I like a song I will play it over and over until I no longer like it….

24- I work as a librarian and as a barmaid and enjoy both equally.

25- I have a beauty spot/mole on my left cheek and my sister and dad have it in the exact same place but on the other side.

Enjoy my crazy blog!

Proud winner of The Fashionista Award!
Also nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award and the Liebster Award!

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Sophie Chekruga x


20 thoughts on “25 Random Facts About Me

  1. I’m loving your blog seriously!! I like this way of posting 25 random facts about you instead of those boring bios!! it’s so creative !
    Actually I do that that 23rd fact I play a song over and over and over till I get sick of it and stop it
    Come visit my blog
    Much love ❤

  2. My mom loves the smurfs too! That’s so cool that you were an extra in a show! Thanks again for commenting on my blog. I wish you the best in getting through your anxiety. If you work hard, you can get through it!

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