Fashionista’s Dream Closet

One of the things I tend to hoard is clothes. Every time I step onto my local high street I am drawn into boutiques and big branded stores. ‘I’ll just browse’ are my famous last words, then before you know it I emerge from the shop’s interior armed with colourful bags of latest additions to my ever growing addiction. Sure, I love fashion as much as the next fashion and beauty blogger, but for me, it isn’t about the latest craze, it’s about what makes me look and feel fabulous. Where do I house my expanding collection you might ask? Well I have two rails, two sets of draws and a wardrobe bursting full of fabrics in my bedroom. In future I would love a closet or walk in wardrobe to house my collection.

I am currently re-designing my bedroom since I moved back home permanently from university. Recently I have really taken an interest in interior design. I have mood boards and several inspirations for this. One inspiration was Compass, a real estate platform based in New York. To me, New York reminds me of Sex and the City with Carrie Bradshaw’s amazing closet (I’m talking about the one Mr Big designed for her). Their website has so many gorgeous New York apartments!

One particular inspiration I got from compass was an apartment called ‘The Arthur‘ based in Chelsea, Manhattan.

245 West 25th Street Image #1

Here I envisioned a closet to rival Carrie Bradshaw’s. I would love my perfect closet to be modern – with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Like the one below from Next.

Aubrey 4 Light

I would have white shelving and rails to go around the outsides of the walls, with a large mirror in the middle of the room. Similar to this Charlotte Pewter floor mirror also from Next.

Charlotte Pewter Floor Mirror

In the middle of the closet would be seating similiar to the one in this couture closet below.

It would be split up into sections such as blazers, jumpers, cardigans, shirts etc. With special shelving dedicated to my shoes (which surprisingly I don’t have many pairs of!). I have found so much inspiration for my mood boards on my room revamp and my dream closet! I will keep you posted with before and after pictures once I have got past the painting phase!


Weddington Way Glam Dresses Turned Day Style

I remember when I first wore my college prom dress, I thought it was that gorgeous I wanted to wear it every single day. I wore it to as many events as I could (including my 18th birthday party as seen below). When I saw it in the store on the mannequin it had a thin belt wrapped around the waist and purple tights. This showed me that you could turn an elegant beautiful dress into something you could wear (dare I say it) casually by changing the hair style/ make up/ accessories and shoes you wore it with.

This gave me an idea – if you could turn prom dresses into an everyday look then surely you could do that with Bridesmaid dresses too?

I came across the company Weddington Way who have some absolutely stunning Bridesmaid dresses. Here are some of my favourites…

Weddington Way Olivia

Coral Kiss Weddington Way Olivia

Alfred Sung D522

Alfred Sung D522

Alfred Sung D586

Alfred Sung D586

Weddington Way Date Outfit

Alfred Sung D488

I saw this dress – Alfred Sung D488 on their website and I love it! The colour is absolutely gorgeous! Here is what I would wear with it if Joe and I were going on a date to our favourite restaurant then cocktails afterwards.

I would wear the Authentic Trucker Black denim jacket from Levi’s.

Authentic Trucker

Some simple black platform court heels from New Look.

Black Platform Court Shoes  | New Look

I would wear Pieces Elopa Multilayer Chain Necklace from ASOS.

Pieces Elopa Multilayer Chain Necklace

Teamed with a daytime white watch from Swarovski.

Swarovski Daytime White Watch

I would have my hair scraped back into a messy bun.

My make up would be pretty simplistic using nude colours.

Have you ever turned a glamourous dress casual – let me know if the comments below!


BB Beautique

It is so rare to find a boutique that will sell gorgeous, unique pieces and do your make up and hair professionally. Thankfully I have found just the place! BB Beautique is situated in Halifax, England (however for all my international readers don’t sweat because you can still purchase their lovely garments and make up items through their website – they ship to all over the world!).

Some of their beautiful pieces…

The beautique was set up this year by Bonnie and Natalie who are fully qualified hair and makeup artists with degrees in Fashion, Makeup and Art. I recently had my make up done by Bonnie – she is amazing! I really enjoyed having my make up done professionally with some top tips thrown in!

Here is my before and after…

FullSizeRender (19) FullSizeRender (18)

BB Beautique are perfect for proms, weddings or even fancy dress!

Price Range

Their prices are really reasonable and affordable.

Full face make up (including false lashes) £30

Just eyes (including false lashes) £15

Hair styling from £15

Social Media

Make sure to check out BB Beautique on social media and give them a follow!

Facebook –

Twitter – @bb_beautique

Instagram –

Or drop them an email –

Fanatics Fashion

Often I combine sportswear with my everyday clothes to create a unique outfit. Having attended a sports university, sports fashion is very prominent around campus in both women and men. Whether you are watching sport or casually walking to your lectures, snapbacks are a must have item. This snapback below is from the ChicagoCubs section at Fanatics. They do some amazing sportswear so you can support your favourite team anywhere. So for a fresh, sporty chic look take a look at their website.

I’d team this snapback (wearing it backwards/ to the side) with a classic crochet Lace skater dress from Hollister (£49).

Crochet Lace Skater Dress

MOTO stab stitch cropped denim jacket around my shoulders (£42.00 from Topshop).

MOTO Stab Stitch Cropped Jacket

Deck club pastel blue bell Vans (£46.99 from Office).

Aztec enamel torq necklace (£8.00 from Accessorize).

Have this premium leather backpack from Topshop (£90) off one shoulder.

Premium Leather Backpack

Let me know below which items you’d team a snapback with! xox

My Favourite Jewellery Tag

Jewellery and accessories are the finishing touches to an outfit, I love wearing jewellery and like make-up and clothes I’m a bit of a jewellery hoarder too! Similar to every girl I love browsing and shopping online for jewellery. A great company I came across was Invaluable. They are an online auction marketplace, offering all sorts of jewellery and accessories! Make sure to check out their website, as they have some gorgeous jewellery!

Here are a few questions I’ve answered below, feel free to do a ‘My Favourite Jewellery Tag’ too!

What are your favorite pieces to wear?

I have my ears pierced three times. I got my first piercing done when I was five! So I love wearing earrings. I tend to wear mostly studs because they’re more practical. I am a ring person also! So usually wear two everyday on my middle fingers. I don’t really wear bracelets or watches because when I’m working at the library/ on the bar/ writing in lectures/ at the gym they tend to get in the way – so I save them for evenings!

What are your favourite items in your jewellery box?

I have a few favourites! I’m a huge fan of white gold/silver. My favourite rings are- one that my parents bought me for my 16th birthday and one which my grandparents bought me for my 21st! My favourite bracelet is my Links London Charm bracelet I received for my 18th birthday. My favourite earrings are studs by swarovski I bought myself at the start of my third year of uni. My favourite necklace is just a simple silver cross my dad bought my mom for her 16th birthday that she gave to me.

What sort of jewellery do you wear on a day to day basis?

I tend to wear one set of studs in my third piercing on my ears. I usually wear a chunky necklace (from Topshop/River Island) to complete my outfit (like the one in the picture at the top of my blog) and my rings.

What pieces do you wear to a formal occasion?

If I’m going out/for a meal I will wear earrings, necklace, rings and bracelets which have a more sleek and elegant look rather than chunky.

Do you have any pieces that have been passed down through your family?

I love jewellery with sentiment behind it. I wear a necklace my dad gave to my mom when they were teens.

How has your jewelry evolved with age?

My taste has become more expensive! haha! As my fashion has matured I tend to buy jewellery that matches rather than random pieces I like.

Jewellery Wish List

14KT White Gold 1.82ct Tanzanite and Diamond Ring from Invaluable

14KT White Gold 1.82ct Tanzanite and Diamond Ring

14KT White Gold 1.30ctw Diamond Solitaire Earrings from Invaluable

14KT White Gold 1.30ctw Diamond Solitaire Earrings

Ladies Stainless Steel Rolex Vintage Wristwatch from Invaluable

Ladies Stainless Steel Rolex Vintage Wristwatch

More charms for my Links London bracelet

Wire Tree Jewellery Stand from Urban Outfitters

Interior Design Meets High Fashion

Hey guys! I thought I would write an article on what my perfect living room would look like using Modani furniture with a few accessories from John Lewis. I love interior design, it is something that really interests me. I believe that furniture and accessories should be put together carefully exactly like an outfit! What’s so good about interior design is that there are so many different combinations of items from many stores! Many people decide on a particular theme of a room or a set colour scheme. I am really into vintage/chic style. I want the living room to be homey and cosy – somewhere where your friends and family can come relax with you and not feel worried they’ll dirty something! I am also a huge fan of additional accessories – I don’t want my living room to be bare, (I feel there is a difference between bare and basic) I am into rugs, magazines spread over the coffee table, ornaments and lamps – things like that!

Before I reveal to you my collage I want to tell you guys a bit about Modani as a company. They specialise in modern and contemporary furniture. High fashion and modern items can often be expensive but Modani make affordable and high quality items at the same time. These are the cutting-edge collections Modani has designed – Minimalist, Contemporary, Baroque, Indian, Eclectic and Zen – so keep a look out for those! Modani also has The Baroque Collection which is ‘a fuse between past and present’. This collection is full of rich fabrics and materials and represents the British boudoir glamour look! Their website and social media sites are listed below! 


Without further ado here is my collage!

Black Modani Leather Chair and Sofa

img_4731 onyxblack

These are so classic. I love the metal frame – so simplistic yet stylish.

I believe that the sofa is the most crucial piece in the living room. Check out their modern sofas on the Modani website as they have some beautiful trendy sofas!

Beautiful Modani Pillows

amco604hh015 hh034 moha_pillow

As the sofas and chairs are dark I thought I would add some lighter pillows. I love having lots of pillows and cushions as I think it looks and is really cosy. I didn’t want any crazy patterns or writing because I wanted to keep simplistic.

Black Modani Lamp


I would invest in two or three of these and have them in between/next to the sofas and chairs on a mini coffee table. It goes well with the chairs and keeps with the overall theme.

Modani White Mirror


I saw this mirror and instantly loved it! I would have it on its side above the fireplace. What I love about this mirror is the vintage detail around the outside.

Modani Glass Coffee Table


I would have this in front of the sofa with a selection of magazines fanned out – fashion magazines such as Vogue and Interior Design Magazines. Also a bowl of fruit.

Modani Lamp Shade


What I absolutely love about this is the unique pretty pattern. This would be on all the living room main lights.

Modani Cosy Rug


I would put this near the chairs and sofas. Having a rug makes the room look so much warmer.

Silver Vase from Modani


I would put this in the window or  little table next to the sofa (not the main coffee table). I would have Orchids or a bunch of colourful flowers from the local market in.

Other Accessories

Side Tables

Buy Greenapple Side Table Online at

This is from John Lewis = Greenapple Side Table £550.00


Buy Macneil Studio - Afternoon Stroll Framed Print, 73.5 x 113.5cm Online at

John Lewis = Macneil Studio – Afternoon Stroll Framed Print, 73.5 x 113.5cm £150.00

#CosmopolitanChic Blog Challenge

Las Vegas has always been a place I have wished to visit (this dream is still waiting to come true) Here are a few of my outfit ideas for a trip to Las Vegas including brunch at Wicked Spoon, dinner at Jaleo and a night out at the Marquee. These beautiful venues are located at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas – be sure to check out their awesome website!

Here is what I came up with!

Brunch at Wicked Spoon

Wicked Spoon is a very cosmopolitan place, where I imagine I would meet my girls or sister and catch up on the latest gossip and have a good time, maybe going shopping afterwards.

So for brunch here I would wear a classic blouse (shirt), under a blazer (most possibly black and fitted), the shirt would be tucked into a high waisted long pencil skirt and teamed with booted heels.




My accessories would be silver/white gold studded earrings, silver/white gold necklace and bracelet.

My make up would have a natural look – base foundation, bit of blush, mascara and nude coloured eye-shadow with a touch of an eyebrow pencil applied lightly to my brows. I would wear Vaseline or plain lip gloss. My hair would also be down and naturally wavy.

I would bring a day handbag (not a clutch or small bag).

Dinner at Jaleo

Jaleo appears to be a posh yet affordable restaurant. So for this I would most probably wear something a little more dressier than my daytime look. It looks like a place my boyfriend and I would go for an evening meal for an occasion, whether it be a birthday, anniversary or a celebration of something.

I would wear a simple lace dress with a navy blazer. I would wear sleek, slender heels. I would still wear my daytime jewellery but maybe instead of the studs wear small hoops.


My make up would be more dramatic on my eyelids, (I would maybe put a shimmer on or darker brown). I would wear my hair up in a messy bun.

The bag I would take would be slightly smaller.

Night out at the Marquee

This night club is classy so it would most probably be a dress to impress night.

For a night out at the Marquee I would wear an LBD, with sparkly high heels. The only jewelry I would wear would be earrings (probably silver studs).

My make up would be the smokey eye look.

My hair would be in loose curls.

My bag would be a silver clutch (to match my shoes and jewellery)