Dip Dye Day!

Today I got my hair dip dyed. It is dark at the roots and gradually gets blonder as you go down my hair. I didn’t want it to be really obvious because you see some people’s dip dye and there is a clear line separating the colours. As my hairdresser (who happens to be one of my best friends) said: I wouldn’t want to look like a pint of guiness would I?!

I joked around with my family at tea time and said I was getting it dip dyed. My mom asked what colour, to which I replied with maybe hot pink or electric blue. And I got the look that says ‘hahaha what is your next joke going to be?!’ so I figured I’d play it safe and go for a more, shall we say ‘natural’ look.

I’m a big fan of the dip dye look though! This is the look I tried to go for…



10 New Year Resolutions Everybody Should Make

Every year people (including myself) make resolutions for the year ahead of them and every year people break them. But these resolutions in this article are more for life in general. These are resolutions you can pick up at anytime and stick to.

1- Do what you want, not what others expect you to do. This is your life, your choices and your options. Don’t let anybody sway you into doing something you don’t want to do.

2- Aim higher and you will achieve bigger things. What’s the fun in aiming for something mediocre when you have the potential to go on to do great things.

3- Try not to get wrapped up in the negativity of others. Always stay positive, laugh and be happy!

4- Worry less, and spend more time enjoying the little things in life because after all they are really the big things.

5- Keep pursing and trying at things you don’t get easily or straight away. Once you have achieved it you will thank yourself for not giving up.

6- Take every opportunity you can, the experiences you have make up your life. Do not waste chances, for they may never come around again.

7- Always be grateful everyday for everything you have. You have no idea who would do anything to be in your shoes.

8- Listen to other people’s advice. Your family and friends are your support system and are there to help you through anything.

9- Also do not forget you are their support system too! So be there for them always.

10 – Finally, you have the power to impact anybody’s life. So make it positive!

What Christmas is All About

You only have to go to your local town centre to see everybody rushing around hecticly trying to get their Christmas shopping sorted. But is this what Christmas is all about? Stressing out to make sure you get the perfect gift, the best turkey and the tree just right? An experience I had in the past has made me realise the true meaning of Christmas. Earlier this year I volunteered at a homeless shelter. The people there were so desperate for food and so thankful for the food we made for them. They were so happy in each other’s company and showed some genuine interest in my friends and I – what we studied at university, what ambitions we had for the future, what were our families like etc. This made me truly think, Christmas should be about being thankful for what you have and should be a time for families to spend quality time together and enjoy each other’s company. It should also be a time to help those less fortunate than yourself – whether that is for you to give a few hours of your time to a homeless shelter, buy a coffee for someone homeless on the street or get involved with the scheme where you make a shoebox full of toys for children abroad who have been affected by natural disasters. So who cares if you don’t get the latest iPhone or whatever for Christmas, you should be thankful for the things in life you cannot put a price on.

How to Ace A Job Interview

I recently moved back to university for the new term and got two jobs in a few days! I had an interview for both and got them both. So this article is really just an advice piece on helpful things you should do in your job interview to make sure you get it! Interviews can be pretty daunting so hopefully these should help you!

Before the interview

–          First things first – your CV. Before any interview make sure it is up to scratch, this means updating it (adding any more work experience, skills and qualifications since your last one). Read it through making sure everything is neat and tidy (and completely truthful!). I always get my mom to read through mine because I know she will be honest about any mistakes. So get your family or best friends to give it a once over to ensure that it is the best it can be.

–          Your outfit. Make sure you are dressed really smartly, after all they won’t want to employ someone that looks like a slob! Make sure your clothes are neatly ironed. For an interview I would usually wear black trousers or a black skirt with tights, a smart shirt and a blazer over it. If you are dressed smartly it will give off a great first impression.

–          Prepare some answers to generic questions such as – why do you think you are right for this position? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What could you bring to …? What do you think is good about the company? What would you improve? Do you prefer working in a team or by yourself? If you have already prepared an answer then when it comes to answering the question in the interview it will look natural with no nervous pauses or hesitations.

What to Take

–          If they have asked you to take anything specific like ID or certain documents take those.

–          Take a copy of your CV to offer them, they might have lost yours or want to refer to it. Plus it makes you look really organised and well prepared.

–          A bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

–          A notepad and pen in case you want to jot anything down.

In the interview

–          Be punctual! Make sure you are there in plenty of time.

–          Give eye contact with the person that is interviewing you.

–          Stay calm! Try not to show that you are nervous. Take some deep breaths and be confident!

–          Concentrate! Focus on the questions they ask you, if you don’t understand them or didn’t hear them you are allowed to ask them to repeat! It is better to do that than to waffle on about something that is not in any way related.

–          Keep your answers concise and to the point. Don’t go into your life story with every question. Interact with them as appropriate.

–          But on the other hand, say enough so they have something to go off. Instead of answering yes or no, elaborate.

–          If they ask about your previous employers do not bad mouth them because it doesn’t give a good impression even if you didn’t like your boss.

–          At the end of your interview the person interviewing you will ask ‘do you have any questions?’ to which it is vital that you answer YES then ask them around 2-3 questions. You can’t ask questions like ‘how much holiday do we get’ but ask questions about the company, anything you aren’t sure of etc.

Good Luck Guys!

Sophie Chekruga 🙂

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Try and Try Again!

Today I learnt a valuable lesson – when you fail at something instead of being down and playing it over in your head about why this happened and what if this could be changed then this would not have happened to just brush it off, dust yourself down and go for it again. Today I failed my driving test, I have been driving for a while and it was on a silly mistake really that cost me my pass. It was really frustrating and disappointing to fail but instead of giving up and being annoyed for too long I took the examiner’s advice on what to do next time and I am booking another one very soon.

This applies to any situation whether it is not passing your exams, not getting the job you want – anything. It is so easy to have a negative attitude and to give up but it takes an even stronger person to pull yourself together and try again! So instead of being defeatist have a positive attitude and be really determined to do better next time!

The point of this post is to motivate and help others not to give up on challenges you come across in life. Yes I failed my driving test the first time but it just makes me more determined to try again, after all practise makes perfect right?

Random Act of Kindness

When did the last random act of kindness happen to you? A random act of kindness is basically something kind which a stranger does for you that is a completely selfless act. The other day one happened to me.

The story goes like this…I was travelling to London by myself (which I have never done before) and I had to change at Kings Cross Station, walk to St Pancras then catch my train from there. Doesn’t sound that daunting does it? Well the train I was on before (which got me into Kings Cross) was delayed on the journey which gave me 10 minutes to get from one station to the next, this contributing with the fact I have never done it before made it daunting for me. Whilst the train was approaching its penultimate stop a stranger sat next to me. He was about my age (early twenties), and had short blonde hair. His right arm was covered in a sleeve of tattoos and he was closely reading a paper I have never seen before. We got chatting and he told me he had visited some friends and was on his way back home to London. His name was Tom and he wanted to be a professional cage fighter. I told him this was my first time travelling to London by myself and he offered to show me the way to St Pancras even though he wasn’t going that way. He walked me all the way to the barriers where my platform was and now instead of rushing for my train I now had time to spare. I thanked him and we went our separate ways.

This really had an impression on me. The fact that someone would take time out of their day to help a random stranger who they have never met is such a good thing to do. Had it not been for Tom I would have missed my reserved train to see my boyfriend and would have had to get one a lot later on. It got me thinking if everybody did a random act of kindness a day then the world would be a much happier place. There is even an actual Random Act of Kindness day celebrated in New Zealand every February 17th. Tomorrow make it your challenge to do a random act of kindness, it doesn’t need to be something huge, just a selfless act on your behalf which will help a random stranger.  🙂

Are Books Better Than Kindles?

Technology is rapidly advancing every day, creating new exciting ideas for the future. However this poses several questions, did the ‘old way’ of doing things need improving in the first place? Will some people never adapt to the ‘new way’? Will people even forget the ‘old way’ of doing things? With the invention of kindles one of the dilemmas faced in my generation is whether to make the change and get a kindle or stick with trusty books.

Ever had the problem where you are going on holiday and you aren’t allowed to have a lot of luggage yet you want to take lots of books to read by the pool, but you just know that it will take up half of your allowed weight? Kindles are great for that because they are light, easy, can be carried anywhere (and leaves you some room in your case for souvenirs too!). A lot of my friends at university have them because as you can imagine doing English isn’t the lightest of reading and you need to take several books to your seminars not to mention your folder with your work in, your pencil case, your water bottle… see where I’m going with this? However this may sound appealing, yet I still choose to lug all my books around. I love the smell of books (especially old books), I love the feel of books (let’s face it curling up with a kindle would be quite difficult) and I love how books look, each with individual covers and sizes. In my friendship group we love to pass books we have really enjoyed onto each other which you can’t really do with a kindle.

I know eventually I will run out of space in my house for all my books and that in the long run a kindle is probably the cheaper option but I just can’t make myself have the change yet. Call me old fashioned but I love books so will stick with the ‘old way’ for as long as I can.

I would love to know what you guys think. Whether you’ve been converted to kindle or prefer books, drop me a comment below J