My Shopping Haul #5

On Saturday I met one of my best friends from university at Meadowhall – which is a huuuuge shopping centre in Sheffield. I wasn’t really going for anything in particular (apart from MAC mascara) but I ended up seeing quite a few things which I loved! We had so much fun catching up, shopping and eating a large lunch (ice cream sundaes included). Here is what I bought…

1. Victoria’s Secret Body Mist – Love Addict

I bought the Mango Temptation one last year from Gatwick Airport in duty free and it smells amazing. It is so fruity and fresh. I love all the body mists from Victoria’s Secret. On their own they are a bit pricey – they are £13.00 per spray. However the store does a special deal if you buy more than one (which ends up being way cheaper). One of the deals was five for £30.00 (which included body lotion). So I bought two and Lauren bought three – this for me worked out at two for £12.00! The spray itself is lovely and stays on a while.

2. Victoria’s Secret Body Mist – Total Attraction

This was the other mist I invested in! I absolutely love it! It is cherry orchid and lily blossum so smells really sweet and fresh. It also isn’t too overpowering either!

3. Flower Rucksack from Hollister


I apologise for the photo quality I have an anciiiiiiient iPhone! This is the rucksack I bought from Hollister. I had the same rucksack throughout my time at uni but from cartng it home with farr too much stuff in it one strap is held on currently by pins so I thought it was definitely time to invest in a new one! I’m going to use it for days out with Joe if we’re going on long walks or for a picnic or something! I saw one initially in PINK by Victoria’s Secret but when I went back to buy it it had gone! So when I spotted this I was really pleased! It was a really good price – £29.00. It has loads of pockets and is really spacious inside. Plus it is really sturdy which is what I need!

4. Haute and Naughty Waterproof Lash from MAC

I ran out of my last MAC mascara so needed to replace it! I should probably buy a new mascara every three months but MAC mascara is quite dear (£19.00) so only replace it when it dries out or clogs up. I thought I would try the waterproof version this time. I really like it – to be honest I can’t see much of a difference from the non-waterproof version as of yet!

On My Wish List… 

I loveee the Nike Lunar Glide Trainers! My favourites are the ones on the left! At the moment my trainers have holes in so I may have to invest in a pair of these!


My Shopping Haul #4

I went on a hugeeee shopping spree to Leeds Trinity in search of my graduation ceremony and graduation ball dresses. But anyone who knows me knows that being the shopaholic I am, if I go shopping for set things, nine times out of ten little extras will creep their way into my shopping basket! Here is what Shopaholic Sophie bought!

1) Graduation ceremony dress from River Island

Red lace midi dress

This dress would look perfect underneath my gown for graduation day!

2) Graduation ball dress from River Island

Nude glamorous embellished bodycon prom dress

Having seen the nude dress feature a lot this season, especially at the MET Ball I fell in love with this dress! I am wearing it to my graduation ball which will be like a university prom so needed something glam!

3) Black bikini top and bottoms from Topshop

Black Triangle Bikini Top

I saw this bikini in the sale and thought it was perfect for my holidays! I love how simple it is.

4) Dress from Topshop (sale) – TFNC Malaga Navy Embellished Cut Out Dress

TFNC Malaga Navy Embellished Cut Out Dress

I am going on a night out to Leeds in a few weeks and thought this dress would be ideal!

5) Two shirts from Jack Wills (one similiar to below and the other a white blouse with a flower pattern)


I bought two shirts from Jack Wills to wear for work and also for casual wear with jeans and a chunky necklace. The quality of the shirts is so good. I haven’t ever really shopped in Jack Wills before really because I always thought it was far too expensive however one of my shirts was only £14.00!

6) Barry M eyebrow kit from River Island

I am going to do a post on this product all by itself because I really think it is amazing! My cousin recommended this to me and I love it. It is so much better than an eyebrow pencil because it looks much more natural.

On my wish list…

Miss KG – Gold ‘Georgia’ high heel courts from Debenhams

Sephora Haul

I have never ever been to Sephora (I don’t think there are any or many in the UK). When I was on holiday to Prague recently our hotel was just next to this massive mall! I have heard fashion and beauty bloggers rave about the make up at Sephora so was dying to go in! I ended up getting so much stuff, it was so hard to choose what I wanted because there was such a selection of pretty shades so here is what fit into my suitcase!

*I aren’t putting prices on these like usual because they were in Czech currency not English pounds so the conversion might not be 100% accurate.

1) Too Faced Cocoa Contour

Face contouring and highlighting kit.

I own a contouring kit from Superdrug but I prefer this one so much more. This kit has powders which are perfect for over/under foundation depending on what you prefer. There are two light shades (one a shimmery one) and two dark shades – so it gives you the option to use four or two depending on what look you want and how much time you have. The brush is so soft and this is the best contour kit I have come across so far!

2) Sephora mattifying compact powder – clair light 20

I was in desperate need of some pressed powder for Summer. This one is perfect as it doesn’t dry out my skin and goes on really well over my foundation or on my bare skin.

3) Sephora bronzing powder – medium 2

I actually bought two of these (one for my sister too). I love this bronzer, especially the star pattern. You only need to apply a little to your brush.

4) Sephora’s eyeshadow – ‘Hollywood’s Calling 82’

This colour is so beautiful! I use it at the corner of my eye and under my eye for a shimmery effect. I love it!

5) Sephora’s eyeshadow – ‘Starry Sky 55’

I bought this to wear for nights out for the smokey eye look.

6) Pretty in pink 23 lipgloss

I love this lipgloss! It’s perfect for everyday use and stays on really well!

7) Precision powder 59 brush

I bought this powder brush to apply my new powder! It’s so soft and applies it really well.

8) Must-have precision cream shadow brush 80

I bought this to apply my eye shadow underneath my eye or on my eyelid like eyeliner because the bristles are small and perfect for precision work.

9) Angled shadow brush 13

I bought this to apply eye shadow to the crease between my eyelid and my brow (I’m sure it has a proper name!).

My Shopping Haul #3

Sunday I went on a massive shopping spree to Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre. I was shopping mainly for work clothes, holiday clothes and graduation dresses! I came back with a few bits and bobs – still looking for the perfect ceremony and ball dress though (so more shopping trips are in order yay!).

Vera Cut Out Flat Black Patent Leather Shoes


Reduced £21.00

My sister has some shoes similar to this from Topshop and I love them (unfortunately for me though she is a few sizes smaller than me). I have literally been searching everywhere for some! Office were having a hugeeee sale and I found these! They’re pretty much everyday shoes for me – so for work when it is nice, on a weekend with dresses/jeans/leggings. Another thing I love about Office is that they didn’t have my size in so I ordered it online then and there with free delivery!


The Topshop in Leeds is four floors so I spent a longggg time in here!

Broderie Pinafore Sundress


Broderie Pinafore Sundress

I love this dress – as soon as I saw it I thought I have to have it!

Colour-Block Luggage Bag


Colour-Block Luggage Bag

I bought this bag for work. It also came with a longer, adjustable strap in case you didn’t want to carry it.

Oversized Chambray Shirt


Oversized Chambray Shirt

This is to wear for work and casually on a weekend with jeans. I love how this shirt can look smart or casual depending on what you wear it with. It is oversized so depends on how loose you want it so I tried on a range of sizes from a 6 to a 10 and chose the type I preferred. It also has slits in the side which I loveeee.

Victoria’s Secret – PINK

Sports Duffel Bag


Large Quilted Duffle Bag

I needed a new sports bag, and PINK in Victoria’s Secret has some gorgeous sports wear. The bag is amazing – so spacious for all my gym stuff and has pockets for water bottles, padlocks etc.


I love Bodycare for cheaper branded toiletries.

Eyeliner/Brow Pencil Sharpener

I bought mine for 99p because I am always borrowing my sister’s sharpener!

Minature Toiletaries

99p Each

I bought a shampoo, conditioner and miniature suncream (£2.99) from Bodycare for my trip to Prague on Saturday! I think they’re perfect size – they do them at Savers, Poundland or Bodycare (a lot cheaper than Boots).

Simple Light Moisturiser


Definitely one of my favourite items in my make up bag. Every time it runs out I replace it – I use it as a moisturiser for face, body and hands. I always buy the light version (there is a rich version also).

Neutrogena Face Scrub


I love this face scrub. It’s always good to change up your face washes and shampoo/conditioners every so often.

Norwegian Formula Hand Cream


I am obsessed with this hand cream! It smells amazing and you only need a teeny bit as well!

Wish List

Yellow printed V-neck cami playsuit

River Island


Yellow printed V-neck cami playsuit

I love playsuits, they’re perfect for sporting holidays. I want to buy this for my family holiday to Centreparcs!

My Shopping Haul – MAC Edition

I have had so many uni assignments to do so when I handed them in I thought I’d do a bit of (online) retail therapy! As you all know at the moment I’m a bit MAC obsessed so this is a special MAC haul edition!

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick



I bought this as a gift for my mom for Mother’s Day because she loves a good red lipstick. This one is perfect, it’s the classic bold red that every woman must own! It stays on for a really long time. As it is a matte based lipstick it’s best to put a primer/lip balm on your lips before applying this lipstick for the best result. It was her first MAC lipstick and after this one she definitely wants more of them!

MAC Lady Danger Lipstick



I have been looking for a reddy/orange lipstick for a while and never could quite find the right shade but this one is perfect! Again it stays on a while, is a very bold colour and (I would say) value for money – need I say more? 😛

MAC Miley Cyrus VIVA GLAM Lipstick


I mentioned this product in yesterday’s article on ‘My March Favourites’. I think out of all of the products in this haul this is the one to purchase! Aside from the fact that it is a fantastic classic lipstick, has gorgeous packaging and is great value for money – it is for an amazing cause. Part of the sales go towards helping men, women and children with HIV/AIDS.

MAC Espresso Eyeshadow

 Eye Shadow


MAC pressed eyeshadow is always a great buy. I prefer to wear neutral colours so this one is ideal. Especially with eye make up I am so careful of the products I apply and this is really good quality. It is long lasting as you don’t need to apply a lot to notice it. It is subtle and perfect for everyday usage!

I bought all of these products online. They came super quick and I had a foundation tester for free in my parcel as well! My MAC orders are always really well packaged. There has been some controversy in the news recently about fake MAC make up giving people extreme allergic reactions so be careful that you get it from the official MAC website. For the UK that is .

My Post Assignment Shopping Haul!

After a gruelling two weeks of essay writing, last Friday I finaaaaallllly handed in my 16000 words! So what better way to celebrate than venturing out onto a make-up and shopping spree! Some of my rewards were in store items and some were online but I’ll specify below which ones were which, as well as prices and a mini review of each item! Soo let’s get started!


From Topshop I bought two pairs of JONI super high waisted skinny jeans. I bought one blue and one black pair. They were £36.00 each but I bought them for less with my student discount. I always always always buy my jeans from Topshop. I find them really reliable and long lasting. For how much I wear them and their quality I find the price to be really reasonable. I’m really into the high waisted style lately, I think it looks great with crop tops, jumpers and your everyday vests, t-shirts and shirts.


As the closest MAC shop to me is Leeds I bought my items online. They arrived super quick and were well packaged. I love how the individual items come in black MAC boxes too!

 Haute & Naughty Lash

The first item I bought was the ‘Haute and Naughty Lash Double Effect’ mascara. It is amazing!! It makes my eyelashes look fuller and longer. It does not clump either which is a rare find! It was £19.00 and I personally would say it was worth the bit extra money because the quality is amazing.

The next item I bought was the ‘Arena Satin’ eye shadow. I really wanted a nude/natural looking eyeshadow for everyday usage and this is perfect. I find the MAC eye shadows so classy and I can’t wait to apply it! They have such a wide range on their website, as well as pallets with 4 colours in. This eye shadow was £13.00. Again I think it is worth paying more because they are long lasting and you know that you are putting good quality products on your skin, especially your eyelids which are really sensitive.

 Oval 3 Brush

My final product from MAC was the ‘Oval 3’ eye shadow brush. This is perfect for blending and it came in a beautiful box. The bristles are incredibly soft and the brush itself is slightly curved which makes it so much easier to apply my eye shadow. This cost £28.00. I love collecting great quality brushes, I have brushes by MAC, Chanel and Body Shop and it makes a lot of difference when applying make up. Even though they are quite expensive I take good care of them by washing them regularly.


Zoella Eyes Beauty Bag

I have been wanting the Zoella make up bag for a while now but it was never in stock in store, so I bought it online. There are three different styles. It is a lot bigger than I expected which is great! It’s easily wipe-able and durable – great for travel and everyday usage. It was only £8.00 and I love it!

B. Sculpted Contour Kit Medium

I absolutely love contouring. I really think that it can transform your look as it allows you to try different shades and shapes on your face. This medium contouring kit was £10.49 from Superdrug. Again I couldn’t find this in store because of its popularity so had to order this online.

Revlon Contour Shadow Brush

To go with my new contouring kit I bought the Revlon ‘Contour Shadow Brush’ to apply the make up. This was £5.99 and definitely worth it! It is so soft, and makes applying really easy!

On My Wish List

Beige floppy oversized fedora hat

This beige, over-sized fedora hat from River Island!

My Shopping Haul #2

Here is another one of my shopping hauls! My sister and I went to Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre for some girly shopping time and here’s what we bought. As always I’ll write underneath where the items were purchased and the price.

1- Purple Lipstick from Topshop. (Matte Lip Bullet in More Than a Woman)

Photo 1 of Matte Lip Bullet in More Than a Woman

This was from Topshop. It is £8.00 per lipstick or they do an offer of £12 for two. Plus you can use your student discount!

2- Black leather Vans from Office

These Vans are gorgeous! They are from Office and were around £50 (including student discount).

3-  Lucy Cat Eye Sunglasses from Accessorize

From Accessorize these sunglasses were £10. They are a different shape which I love.

4-  Victoria’s Secret Body Mist

These are lovely, the scents range from fruity to flowery. I think it was roughly £10 but there are deals and sets available.

On my wish list…

Black riding boots

I need some long boots for winter and these from Dorothy Perkins would be perfect!