Fitspiration #38


10 Reasons To Start Running

–          Running is such a good way to get fit! It is a whole body work out, whether you are running 1 mile or 10 miles it works your whole body.

–          It makes you feel good! Okay so maybe when you are slugging up that hill after already doing 5 miles it may not feel good at the time… but I can assure you afterwards you will definitely feel so proud of yourself for reaching the goals you set and being able to push yourself to the limit.

–          It is a great way to make new friends! Some people see running as a solo sport… which it is to some degree but why not get a running partner. My sister and I go running together and we can spend time together and work out at the same time. If you join a running club there are so many people with the same interest as you so it is really easy to make friends. One of the perks of a running club is swapping tips with fellow runners, whether it is which is the best way to train for a half marathon, what to eat before a jog, what trainers to recommend for cushioning your Achilles… anything!

–          You can help charity! Whether you are sponsored to do fun runs or long marathons it is a perfect way to make money for your chosen charity. My dad did the London Marathon a few years ago and he raised a lot of money for the local hospice which made a significant difference to them.

–          You can run anywhere! You do not need any fancy gear or there is no fee to do it (unless of course you join a running club!). You just need a pair of trainers and the world is your oyster!

–          Benefits your health all round! Running helps to lower blood pressure, helps improve your skin especially if you have acne, builds stronger bones, improves your core, strengthens your muscles, helps you sleep better, reduces the risk of heart disease… the list is pretty much endless!

–          Reduces stress! Whenever I am stressed I put on my trainers and headphones and go for a jog, I like to run long distance so when I am running it gives me time to think things through. When you run your body releases endorphins making you feel better and less stressed!

–          You will lose weight! You will see the weight literally drop off you when you run. I dropped two dress sizes running in 3 months! It helps you tone up everywhere leaving you feeling much more confident about yourself.

–          It wakes you up feeling refreshed in a morning! Whenever my alarm goes off at 7am it is so hard to leave my bed but once I have gone on my morning run I then feel refreshed and have so much energy for the rest of my day. Starting your day with a morning run gets you out of your zombie state first thing in a morning and helps you face the challenges of your day with high energy!

–          It gives you a ‘can do’ attitude! The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals is your mind. Whenever I have a big hill to slog up or know that I have to run a few more miles I could easily give up but having a ‘can do’ attitude keeps me going and because of this I feel so much better afterwards!

So what are you waiting for, shut down your computer, grab your trainers and get running!