Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray Review

Hi all! As you may have realised I’ve been a bit absent from the blogging world for almost two months now! This is the longest I have gone without blogging since I started this blog actually! I have been super busy in my personal life (as well as having a nasty chest infection lasting 3 weeks ūüė¶ *cries inside* ). Anyways, in those two months I have bought a wholllllle lotta make up and a copious amount of clothing so expect a lot of make up reviews, a few hauls and as always the OOTDs! I have missed blogging so much in these past two months but this break has given me so much inspiration for writing material. So let’s get onto the important stuff!

Review of Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray

£22.00 from Urban Decay

I have only ever bought one product from Urban Decay РNaked 2 Рthe eye shadow palette.  This palette has the best eye shadows I have ever owned in so I had pretty high expectations of this setting spray!

Usually for setting spray I just use normal hair spray which works okay(ish) but you know what it’s like when you go into a department store and see all lovely products then get talking to the sales assistant about your mutual love for make up and BAM you leave with about ten bag fulls of make up – well this was one of those moments!

I never intended to purchase the setting spray but I am sure glad I did! Although ¬£22.00 is a bit steep for a setting spray there is 118ml of product in the bottle. So it will take me at least a year to get through this which works out about ¬£1.83 per month – so that doesn’t seem so bad!

There is also a travel size mini one which will be great for those airport trips! There are three types of setting spray you can purchase : the oil control (for oily skin), the cooling and hydrating (for those with drier skin) and the all nighter (which is for any type skin).

I bought the all nighter setting spray.

Does my make up stay on well?

It is no joke when I tell you my make up stays on from morning until night! It is amazing! I read a review recently which went viral about a poor girl being dumped and crying and her make up being completely intact still. Literally this is the best product possible in my make up bag. I cannot praise this enough!

How do I apply it?

After your make up has been applied just spray your face with this product (you’ll probably need to do about three to four sprays). It doesn’t make your make run or look shiny at all. It dries pretty much instantly and you don’t need to do anymore!

How much do you need to apply?

Not much at all – about four sprays max. This product (especially the larger bottle) will last you a long long time!

Would I rebuy this product?

100% yes! It is kind to my skin and keeps my make up in place for a long length of time!

Any tips for using it?

If you apply your mascara last (like me) then wait about 3 mins before spraying so the black liquid doesn’t go onto your skin when you close your eyes.



The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

I discovered this beauty tag on one of my favourite Bloggers – Jess Leeman’s site. I love reading her posts! You guys should check her site out! ūüôā

If any of you guys want to do this tag feel free!


Name a Beauty Regimen You Rarely Do

I used to be so into the whole cleanse-tone-moisturise routine. When I was at university I was so good with it, I would do it twice a day but now I have moved home I kinda just skip the cleanse-tone stage and go straight to the moisturise! So I would have to say this is the regimen I rarely do nowadays – definitely something I should improve on!

Is Washing Your Make Up Brushes Something You Regularly Do?

I would love to say yes but I always put off doing it! I need to invest in one of those products which when washing brushes you run them over the edges to get off the excess make up.

How Long Do You Last With Chipped Nail Polish?

About a day! I once had shellac put on and it chipped within about 4 days of having it done and I couldn’t stand seeing it chipped so took the whole thing off that day!

How Long Do You Put Off Buying/Replacing A Beauty Product If You Need It?

If it is a beauty essential like make up wipes, moisturiser, face wash etc I buy it just before the other one runs out so I can go straight into using a new one but if my favourite lipstick runs out I wouldn’t urgently replace it – I would buy it when I next popped into town or went into a MAC store.

What’s Your Worst Beauty Habit?

The equivalent of double dipping I suppose but with my brushes! So for eye shadow brushes using it in one eye shadow then not washing it before I use it in another! Also with my bronzer brush – using it for my bronzer and my brown contour interchangeably!

Name Something Non-Beauty Related That You Put Off Doing Most Of The Time

My ironing – literally who wants to stand there and iron shirts? It is soooo boring! But unfortunately it has to be done!

Can You Commit To No Make Up Buys?

Sure! If I don’t need anything I will genuinely have enough will power! But it doesn’t stop me having a cheeky browse I suppose…

How Organised Is Your Make Up And Nail Polish Collection?

At the moment I have all my products I use rarely in a huge washing up basin and the ones I use most regularly on my mantel piece below my mirror. My nail polishes are piled into a box (which makes finding the one I want difficult!). When I have my bedroom sorted out this would be ideal…

(found on Pinterest)

Sephora Haul

I have never ever been to Sephora (I don’t think there are any or many in the UK). When I was on holiday to Prague recently our hotel was just next to this massive mall! I have heard fashion and beauty bloggers rave about the make up at Sephora so was dying to go in! I ended up getting so much stuff, it was so hard to choose what I wanted because there was such a selection of pretty shades so here is what fit into my suitcase!

*I aren’t putting prices on these like usual because they were in Czech currency not English pounds so the conversion might not be 100% accurate.

1) Too Faced Cocoa Contour

Face contouring and highlighting kit.

I own a contouring kit from Superdrug but I prefer this one so much more. This kit has powders which are perfect for over/under foundation depending on what you prefer. There are two light shades (one a shimmery one) and two dark shades – so it gives you the option to use four or two depending on what look you want and how much time you have. The brush is so soft and this is the best contour kit I have come across so far!

2) Sephora mattifying compact powder – clair light 20

I was in desperate need of some pressed powder for Summer. This one is perfect as it doesn’t dry out my skin and goes on really well over my foundation or on my bare skin.

3) Sephora bronzing powder – medium 2

I actually bought two of these (one for my sister too). I love this bronzer, especially the star pattern. You only need to apply a little to your brush.

4) Sephora’s eyeshadow – ‘Hollywood’s Calling 82’

This colour is so beautiful! I use it at the corner of my eye and under my eye for a shimmery effect. I love it!

5) Sephora’s eyeshadow – ‘Starry Sky 55’

I bought this to wear for nights out for the smokey eye look.

6) Pretty in pink 23 lipgloss

I love this lipgloss! It’s perfect for everyday use and stays on really well!

7) Precision powder 59 brush

I bought this powder brush to apply my new powder! It’s so soft and applies it really well.

8) Must-have precision cream shadow brush 80

I bought this to apply my eye shadow underneath my eye or on my eyelid like eyeliner because the bristles are small and perfect for precision work.

9) Angled shadow brush 13

I bought this to apply eye shadow to the crease between my eyelid and my brow (I’m sure it has a proper name!).

A Review of Rimmel Kate Moss Matte 107 Lipstick

2015-05-09 19.53.31

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick Wine 107

Why/where did I buy it?

I had seen this lipstick appear so many times in Youtuber Zoella’s videos and she has always raved about it. It is a burgundy/ deep red colour, which I love. Also in comparison to my MAC lipsticks it is super cheap too. It cost me ¬£5.49 – you can purchase it from Superdrug, Boots and Savers.

What are my thoughts on it?

To say it is a matte based lipstick I didn’t really need to prime my lips as much as I would for my MAC lipsticks.It’s super easy to apply. I absolutely love the colour but it does need to be reapplied fairly often (unless you are going for the ombre lip look!). It doesn’t dry out your lips like a lot of matte lipsticks do either which is good! It is my new favourite lipstick!

Would I buy again?

As soon as this one runs out I will definitely be buying it again! Such a good value for money. I would recommend it!

I’m (left) wearing it on a night out with one of my good¬†friends

April Favourites ‚ô•

Woo it’s that time again where I have to tell you an array of my beauty favourites this month! There are so many I could have chosen!

1) Lady Danger MAC Lipstick


£15.50 online.

Love this lipstick, such a great bold colour which stays on a while. I was looking for this shade for so long! I actually bought a lipstick like this first from a little make up shop in my university town but I had to reapply it so often. This lipstick is much better!

I went shopping to Manchester recently and I was browsing the Dior make up counter (wishing I could buy every single thing) when the sales woman said to me ‘I love your lipstick – it’s Lady Danger right?’ (WHAT?!) I was completely blown away how this lady¬†just looked at my lips and knew the exact brand and the exact name of my lipstick. It completely made my day! (to which my mom said ‘if I was wearing my Ruby Woo MAC she would have guessed that also :P).

2) Aromantic Products

Free samples.

My Flatmate makes her own beauty products and they are incredible! The shampoo smells like lavender and is perfect size if you are travelling. The moisturiser is also lavender scented. It really made my skin so soft. The lip balm is orange scented. It tints your lips also which is great because you do not need to apply any gloss/ lipstick over the top.

3) Kate Moss 107 Lipstick

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick Wine 107

£5,49 Superdrug.

I have been wanting this lipstick for so long now and finallllly bought it! It is a deep red colour so it is better to apply it in addition to a lip liner. It is long lasting and a great value for money.

4) MAC Kohl Eye Pencil

 Eye Kohl

£14.00 online.

In recent posts I haven’t really rated this but the more I am using it the more I like it. It’s smudgable and easy to apply. I love how dark it is. It has to be topped up quite a lot though. However despite this, it is honestly the best eyeliner I have used (it’s a tough rival to Lancome’s eyeliner). My sister had a bit of an eyeliner drama before she was going out (her eyeliner went poof), so I lent her my MAC one. She applied it to her lids then took a liquid eyeliner to wing the edge out. This is such a good tip that I didn’t know before then! For a more sharper and tidier look use liquid to wing at the edges and the pencil for the lids.

5) Simple Light Moisturiser

£4.50 Boots.

This cream is incredible! I use it as an all over moisturiser not just for my face. It really hydrates my skin and I use it as a primer before applying my foundation. It makes my skin feel really fresh and so soft. The cream is not greasy or oily also which is a bonus.

February Favourites ‚ô•

Now that February is over (we’re now into the third month of 2015 already! whaaat!) I thought I’d share with you guys some of my favourite beauty products from over the past month. I love trying out new products and I’ll give a mini review of each one underneath.

VO5 Smoothly does it Shampoo and Conditioner

First up is the VO5 Smoothly does it shampoo and conditioner. I picked up this because I love VO5 products. They are always amazing quality. VO5 products on the whole can be quite expensive but if you are wanting a smaller bottle I have seen them in Poundland! Both products smell amazing! However they are quite rich so I wouldn’t recommend applying them every single day to your hair (every other day is fine). They make my hair super shiny and healthy looking so a big thumbs up!

Witch Foaming Face Wash

I had never really used Witch products before but received this as a gift. It is really easy to apply and is soft on your skin. It really cleans your skin and helped my skin stay clear. Also I liked it because it didn’t dry my skin out like a lot of face washes do.

MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil – Black

 Kohl Power Eye Pencil

I have been wanting a MAC eyeliner for a while now. I have mixed thoughts about it though. The eyeliner itself is really dark and definitely brings out my eyes. However it has a tendency to smudge a lot, which definitely puts me off wearing it. When first applied it looks amazing but give it an hour or so and it looks smudged. Short term its fab but long term not so much – I probably wouldn’t buy it again.

Lady Million Perfume

2015-02-17 10.28.00-2

As some of you saw on my Instagram, I recently became the owner of Lady Million perfume! I am in loveeeeee with this perfume. I literally can’t fangirl enough over it. It smells incredible.

MAC Haute and Naughty Lash Mascara

 Haute & Naughty Lash

Basically for ages I had no idea that (as shown above) there were two ways of using this mascara. One was for defining (the pink brush) and the other for making your lashes look thicker and fuller (the purple and pink brush). It’s one mascara with one brush but two variations of applying (if that even makes sense). So genius! I had literally no clue whatsoever! I love it nonetheless – so worth the price.

How to Contour

I have gone on about the wonders of contouring in so so many of my blog posts that I thought it was time for a ‘how to’ article. I first became interested in contouring when I saw this image of Kim Kardashian.

I had no clue what it was. I had always wondered how her features looked so defined and discovered that this was the reason! So I started googling ‘contouring’. It revolves around creating light and dark shades on your face to create different effects. So for instance by drawing a light shade down the middle of your nose and dark at the sides of your nose, it gives the illusion your nose is thinner. Or that if you put dark shades on your cheekbones that they are more defined.

What products should I use?

Low Budget

If you are sticking to a budget you can literally contour with products you already own! Before I started using a contouring kit I just used a concealer for the light shades and for the dark shades I used a range of brown eye-shadows.

Drugstore Contour Kits

I don’t feel like you need to splash out on contouring kits at all. I use the¬†B. Sculpted Contour Kit Medium from Superdrug. There are three shades – light, medium, dark (depending on your skin shade). It was ¬£7.49. I could not find it in any store I went to so I had to order it online. I really recommend it, it goes on the skin really easily and blends easily also.

To apply this with I bought the Revlon Contour Shadow Brush (also from Superdrug). The brush is quite small so perfect for drawing definitive lines (especially down the nose and along the cheekbones). This brush is also now in the sale at £3.99!

Revlon Contour Shadow Brush

What goes first – foundation or contouring?

Different people apply it in different ways. I tend to apply my primer then contour then blend in with my foundation over the top (then apply bronzer/blusher). I have tried both ways and found if you apply foundation first it doesn’t blend as well and can look a bit clunky. It looked like I¬†had blocks of light and dark shapes on my¬†face when I applied foundation first. Personally I would contour first but that’s just my preference – try it both ways and see what suits you!

Where should I apply the light shades?

– Down the middle of your nose (apply this really carefully- making sure it is straight!)

– Between your eyebrows/lower forehead

– Under the eyes (where you would apply your concealer)

– Above your lips

– On your chin

– Just under your eyebrows

– In between your cheekbones and your jawline

Where should I apply the dark shades?

– The sides of your nose

– Just above your eyelids

– Your cheekbones

– Your jawline (make sure this is blended well)

– The top and sides of your forehead

Hints and Tips

– Don’t hold back! Go crazy with the dark and light shades, after all it’s all going to be blended in anyways!