Fitspiration #31



10 Reasons to Aqua Jog!

Aqua Jogging is basically running in a swimming pool with a resistance belt on. It is a fantastic workout for people who are injured! Last year I managed to traumatize the ligaments in my foot from over training and I was gutted I couldn’t run. However Aqua Jogging is a great alternative to running because you are doing the running motion but it doesn’t hurt. Even if you aren’t injured it is such a good workout! Here are a few reasons why you should take up aqua jogging!

1- It is a great form of exercise if you are injured, elderly or overweight because it has a low impact on your muscles and joints.

2- You can do it any season! Whether it is pouring down with rain, snowing or there’s a heat wave, it doesn’t matter you can still do it because it is inside.

3- Water is denser than air so you work harder meaning that you burn more calories!

4- The pressure of the water helps your heart so you get the same intensity of exercise at a lower heart rate.

5- Your fitness level is maintained so when you feel that you have recovered from your injury you will be at the same fitness before your injury!

6- It is an all over body workout!

7- You can have two sessions in one! You can do half an hour of swimming then half an hour of aqua jogging if you wanted to mix up your workout.

8- When I was injured I missed running so much so this is a great alternative because you are running but the difference is you are now in water instead of land!

9- Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston are hopping on board too.

10- You can vary it as much as you’d like. At the start of your injury you can do lots of aqua jogging but then as your injury improves you can do less aqua and more land until eventually you are all land!

Time to try something new!