Blogmas Day 10 – Eyeliner, New Hair and 20 Beauty Questions Tag!

Welcome to Blogmas day ten eeeek! Christmas is a creepin’ up on us and I have bought a grand total of two presents! Ut oh! The Christmas tree was purchased today though (my family went for a fake one), so hopefully a Christmas tree post will be posted very shortly! Today also I had my hair done (just a trim) and went to visit my Grandparents because they have just come back from a holiday to Portugal!

Day 10 of my beauty advent revealed…

… No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil 

There isn’t a specific shade on the actual eye pencil but I would say it is gold. On the Boots website it says that this eye liner would be £7.50 if bought on its own! I’m not sure I would pay that for the gold shade, possibly the black one because I would use it more. I am going to use it in the corners of my eyes so that it gives a bright highlight effect. In terms of application, it goes on well and easily. I love the colour – very Christmassy. I love it!

The 20 Beauty Questions Tag

I have decided to do ‘The 20 Beauty Questions Tag’.  I found this on and I loveeee her blog so make sure to check it out! Also if any of you guys wish to do this tag feel free!

1- Do you remember your first make up item?

It was probably a lip balm or something from a magazine! I do remember getting lip glosses with magazines like ‘Shout’ which I don’t know if it still exists anymore! I used to ask my mom’ if I could borrow her powder and lip stick when I was younger though!

2- Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications?

My version of a ‘perfect’ mascara is:

  • Black
  • Doesn’t flake off/leave bits under my eyes
  • Can wash off easily (doesn’t take a load of product to scrub it off)
  • Doesn’t make my eye lashes look clumped together
  • Makes my eye lashes look longer and fuller

The best mascara I have found so far is the one I always raveeee about : MAC Haute Naughty Lash


3- What kind of coverage do you prefer from a foundation?

I like my foundation to look natural but at the same time to cover any blemishes or spots I have. So probably medium coverage.

4- Favourite high end brand?

Definitely MAC. I have bought far too many amazing products from there. They are pricey at times but I would rather pay more for something that looks great and lasts a while than a cheap product that reacts badly with my skin or runs out/dries up quickly.

5- Favourite drug store brand?

Simple. I use their moisturiser, cleanser, toner, face wash, face wipes and even their shampoo! I love their products as they are so kind to skin and often in Boots they have a 3 for 2 offer on them!

6- Is there any kind of make up you can’t leave the house without?

To be honest I wear no make up more than I wear make up. Buuut if I had to choose it would probably be something boring like vaseline!

7- What is your most cherished beauty product?

My most cherished beauty product would have to be my Lady Million perfume by Paco Rabanne. I think that it is so special and I only really use it on special occasions. It smells amazing!

8- How often do you shop for make up?

I don’t specifically go on make up shopping trips. I suppose if I spot something whilst I’m out or I’m running out of something I’ll buy it for myself as and when.

9- Do you have a beauty budget or do you spend freely?

To be honest I don’t really buy my make up based on price. If I see an amazing product that I love, has great reviews, looks good and I know I will use it a lot then I’ll buy it. My make up bag varies from high street to high end. When I visited Prague I found a Sephora and I didn’t really know how the pricing would be compared in pounds so I kinda just went along with it and bought things I loved!

10- What type of product do you buy the most?

Hmm probably mascara because I tend to renew mine every 4-6 months. Or moisturisers because I go through them quite quickly!

11- Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics like parabens or sulfates?

I have never really thought about it really.

12- Do you have a favorite place to shop for makeup?

Ooh it would have to be a tie between Sephora and MAC!

13- Do you like trying new skincare products or do you keep a certain routine?

I tend to try different skin products because I find my skin gets used to different face washes. I do love trying new products!

14- Favorite bath and body brand?  

At the moment I am absolutely loving  Zoella’s Soap Opera bubble bath and her Creamy Madly Dreamy moisturiser. Her products smell gorgeous and are so reasonably priced!

15- Do you like multifunctional products like lip and cheek stains? 

I don’t know why but I am always a bit dubious about these products.I had a lip stain product which you could use on your cheeks too but I only used it on my lips. I am yet to be convinced!

16- Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?

Liquid eyeliner – yes! I think the more practice I have had, the easier it has been to apply careful products like fake lashes or eye liner.

17- Do you ever consider taking makeup classes?

I would love to! Just for a hobbie though. I remember in high school our head teacher brought in some make up artists to teach us all the correct way to apply make up! It was good because when I was younger Youtube tutorials definitely weren’t that popular so you just had to look in a magazine or ask someone. So now I think it is so cool that if you wanted to try a certain style, an make up guru could give you a step by step free video tutorial which you could play as many times as you wish.

18- What do you love about makeup?

Hmm well I love art and I guess I see applying make up as a kind of art. It is extremely technical (using different products to create different looks on different skin tones, face shapes etc). I love that it sort of creates a certain type of ‘art’. I love applying it, collecting it and trying out new looks.

19- Dramatic or Natural Makeup look?

Natural any day! I love subtle, natural make up looks, which incude a ot of nude shades.

20- Worst makeup-related habit?

My worst make up related habit is the equivalent of double dipping with my brushes! So putting my brush in one shade of eye shadow then applying it then putting it into another instead of cleaning it in between. Also doing the same for my powder and high lighter for my contour and my bronzer and brown contour shade.

Thanks for reading guys and feel free to do this tag!



Blogmas Day 3 – Primer, Happiness and Favourites

Day three of Blogmas and still going strong whoop whoop!

Today I…

… went for lunch with my mom on our lunch break! We usually go out for lunch once a week together in our lunch break to Wetherspoons. Today we went for a panini and a wrap! I had the nicest hot chocolate with whipped cream on top! After work I read some of ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin. It is amazing – I saw it recommended on a blog I was reading a while back and thought it sounded good! It is basically one woman’s journey on changing the little things in her life to make her and others surrounding her happier. You go through the whole research process with her and it provides a template if you like into creating your own happiness project. I have only read a little bit but so far I am really enjoying it. So if anyone is stuck for a book to read and wants to be happier this is will do the trick!

Day two of my beauty advent calendar revealed…

10ml of No7 Instant Illusions Airbrush Away Primer

A primer is always something I have wanted in my make up bag but have actually never gotten around to buying one! I have just used a dab of moisturiser and jobs been a good ‘un! So I am really pleased to have received some in my beauty advent! I can’t wait to try it out and see if it is worth buying a bigger version!

A few of my favourites…


 Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation










MAC Matchmaster SPF Foundation Shade 1.5 from MAC


Contour Kit

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection from Sephora


Pressed Powder

Sephora 8HR matifying pressed powder shade clair light 20 from Sephora



Sephora Bronzing powder shade medium 2 from Sephora


Brow Kit

Brow Kit Shape and Define Barry M from Superdrug


Eyeshadow Light

 Eye Shadow

ARENA eye shadow from MAC


Eyeshadow Dark

 Eye Shadow

ESPRESSO eye shadow from MAC



Haute Naughty Lash from MAC


Lipstick Evening

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick Wine 107

KATE MOSS Rimmel 107 from Boots


Lipstick Day

 Viva Glam Lipstick

VIVA Glam Miley Cyrus range from MAC



Lady Million PACO RABANNE from Boots


Comment below with some of your favourites in your make up bag


Blogmas Day One

Blogmas Day Two


The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

I discovered this beauty tag on one of my favourite Bloggers – Jess Leeman’s site. I love reading her posts! You guys should check her site out! 🙂

If any of you guys want to do this tag feel free!


Name a Beauty Regimen You Rarely Do

I used to be so into the whole cleanse-tone-moisturise routine. When I was at university I was so good with it, I would do it twice a day but now I have moved home I kinda just skip the cleanse-tone stage and go straight to the moisturise! So I would have to say this is the regimen I rarely do nowadays – definitely something I should improve on!

Is Washing Your Make Up Brushes Something You Regularly Do?

I would love to say yes but I always put off doing it! I need to invest in one of those products which when washing brushes you run them over the edges to get off the excess make up.

How Long Do You Last With Chipped Nail Polish?

About a day! I once had shellac put on and it chipped within about 4 days of having it done and I couldn’t stand seeing it chipped so took the whole thing off that day!

How Long Do You Put Off Buying/Replacing A Beauty Product If You Need It?

If it is a beauty essential like make up wipes, moisturiser, face wash etc I buy it just before the other one runs out so I can go straight into using a new one but if my favourite lipstick runs out I wouldn’t urgently replace it – I would buy it when I next popped into town or went into a MAC store.

What’s Your Worst Beauty Habit?

The equivalent of double dipping I suppose but with my brushes! So for eye shadow brushes using it in one eye shadow then not washing it before I use it in another! Also with my bronzer brush – using it for my bronzer and my brown contour interchangeably!

Name Something Non-Beauty Related That You Put Off Doing Most Of The Time

My ironing – literally who wants to stand there and iron shirts? It is soooo boring! But unfortunately it has to be done!

Can You Commit To No Make Up Buys?

Sure! If I don’t need anything I will genuinely have enough will power! But it doesn’t stop me having a cheeky browse I suppose…

How Organised Is Your Make Up And Nail Polish Collection?

At the moment I have all my products I use rarely in a huge washing up basin and the ones I use most regularly on my mantel piece below my mirror. My nail polishes are piled into a box (which makes finding the one I want difficult!). When I have my bedroom sorted out this would be ideal…

(found on Pinterest)

September Favourites ♥

Can’t believe September has been and gone! It was the month my sister started her new journey at university, the month of the most family birthdays/parties and the month where autumn fashion is slowly creeping in on us!

Here are a few of my monthly gems…

I went a bit Zoella product mad this month buying ‘Zoella Madly Creamy Body Lotion’ and ‘Zoella Soak Opera Bath Soak and Shower Cream’. Her products I find are amazing. They are good quality but with a reasonable price. Often if you want a good quality product which you can trust you end up paying more money than you possibly intended, but what I love about her range of products is that her fan base (who include a vast amount of teenage girls) can actually afford them.

Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy - Body Lotion 160mlZoella Soak Opera - Bath Soak/Shower Cream 490ml

They are sold in Superdrug and were £5.00 each. Both smell amazing – very fresh and flowery. And when you put the bubble bath into the bath you can actually smell the fragrance too. They both leave my skin feeling soft and smelling great! I love these so when these run out I will definitely be buying more!

Soap and Glory – The Righteous Butter Moisturiser

This is an old favourite of mine which I always go back to. I love the smell and the quality. Soap and Glory products are always reliable and amazing. Definitely a must have for your make up bag (they do a mini one too!).

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit 

Really wish I would have bought two of these from Sephora. This has definitely been my favourite product this year. I love to contour and after trying a few kits this one wins everytime. It is powder based so doesn’t clog under/over your foundation like a paste. The brush is super soft and the product itself smells so good! I literally can’t praise it enough!

On My Wish List

Kate Moss Rimmel Nude Collection

I love her 107 shade so I was so excited to see this nude collection. Now that autumn is coming in, a nude lip feels very suiting!

July Favourites ♥

July has been a pretty hectic month for me! I have been working at my new job, been away for a week with my family to Centerparcs, had my graduation ceremony and graduation ball and been on holiday to Budapest! So this monthly favourites is going to be more travel based.

1) Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover

£3.39 at Boots

I bought this from Boots but you can pretty much buy it at any supermarket and toiletary store like Superdrug. I used this after grad ball to get my smokey eyes off! What I do is put a little bit (so it covers the middle of the make-up pad) onto a make up pad and wipe my eye lids with it. My eyes are really sensitive to certain face wipes and make-up but this product doesn’t irritate it at all. It is perfect for your holiday as well (especially if it is hot and your make up smudges).

2) Bio-Oil

Depends what size you get as to price. It is sold at toiletry stores like Boots and Superdrug and at supermarkets like Tescos and Asda. I try to use Bio-Oil once a week all over my skin to re-hydrate it. I used it on holiday as a substitute for after sun when my skin was burnt. It really eased my sore skin after being in the sun all day! I would recommend taking the smaller one for travelling. Bio-Oil is renowned for helping to fade scars and stretch marks too so it is wonderful stuff!

3) Sephora mattifying compact powder – clair light 20

This pressed powder was perfect for my holidays. It evened out my skin tone but also made my skin appear non-oily. It is really easy to apply (I usually apply it with Sephora’s precision powder 59 brush). It goes well over my foundation or just on my bare skin.

4) Victoria’s Secret Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist

Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist

£9.30 or Special 3/£16.60 or 5/£19.92 from Victoria’s Secret Online Store

I love Victoria’s Secret body mists for summer because they smell so fresh. I always buy fruity smelling fragrances from there. This bottle is perfect to have in your handbag in case you want to freshen up. The smell is not too strong and I quite like using body mists as opposed to sprays!

5) Vaseline

Good old vaseline. I always pack this with me on flights as well as have one in my handbag with me everywhere I go. It was perfect in Budapest because the temperature was so so hot and I didn’t want my lips to burn. I use the pink one so it has a lip gloss effect but the plain one works just as well!

On My Wish List…

This mini perfume set from Victoria’s Secret – £29.88

Eau de Parfum Gift Box

35 Things I learnt in my final year at university

Every year it has been a sort of tradition that when my university year comes to a close I write a list of all the random silly things I have learnt along the way!

If you fancy reading the list from first year click here or if you want to read the list from second year click here.

Here is the final year’s list…

  • Having my feet dangling over the edge of a plane 13000 feet up made me laugh not cry

  • Never ever ever ever will I have another chilli vodka shot as long as I live
  • Even after three years the Yorkshire accent is still a novelty to 99.9% of people
  • And even after three years the midland’s water doesn’t taste any better
  • Tabata fitness classes hurt so bad (but are so worth it)
  • Cycling on campus is actually quite fun
  • Having my own en-suite for the first time is the best
  • Work experience at one of the top UK newspapers gave me a taste of the busy London working life
  • MAC and Sephora shopping sprees are very addictive (and also an expensive habit)
  • The fireworks at Regent Street Christmas lights switch on were amazing
  • Having a takeaway after a night out in Paris means chocolate crepes (which I could get used to)
  • Being a librarian is awesome

  • The best bookshop in the entire world is situated in Carlisle, Cumbria
  • It’s still acceptable to dress up for Halloween (even if it is as a zombie school girl)

  • Third year means the nights out (although lesser )are bigger, better and crazier
  • Dark purple lipstick is chic
  • Working in a job with your best friend is never dull

  • My homemade cottage pie is now perfected
  • The notebook made me cry more than any other film EVER
  • Neo-Victorianism is one of my favourite book genres
  • Zoella’s vlogs are addictive
  • Dissertation takes over your life but you learn to (secretly) love it
  • There are no sport facilities like my uni’s (skyping on a treadmill say whaaaaat?!)
  • Pigeon Detectives and Professor Green are fantastic live
  • Having a chocolate fountain in a club is a genius idea
  • Receiving my degree certificate was the proudest moment of my life

  • Visiting London, Liverpool, Paris, Prague and Budapest all in my final year was incredible!
  • My parents surprising me at uni on my 21st birthday was the sweetest thing!
  • Liverpool is the place to go for a class night out

  • Having five inches cut off my hair in one go was definitely for the greater good
  • The novel Dracula is now one of my all-time favourites ever!
  • Leaving university was the saddest thing I have ever had to do

  • After three years at uni I am now a pro at packing and unpacking in record time
  • Arthur Conan Doyle’s publishing history is really fascinating
  • Loughborough will always be my second home

June Favourites ♥

June has been such a great month for me! I have moved back home from university and started my new job! I have also been to Prague, rejoined the gym and done loads of fun stuff with my family! I have bought a load of new products too and here are my favourites…

1) Barry M Brow Kit 

You can get this from Boots, Superdrug and even River Island! My cousin recommended this to me a while ago and I saw it whilst waiting to pay at River Island. It is amazing – it has a white shadow for under and over your brows to make them look more defined, as well as two shades of brown for your brows. It has a two sided angled brush as well as some mini tweezers which are actually pretty good! My brows always look natural when I use the kit. I personally find it a lot better than an eyebrow pencil because it lasts a lot longer and also looks more natural once applied.

2) Too Faced Cocoa Contour 

I bought this in Sephora from Prague and I really wish I had bought about five of these because it is honestly the best contour kit I have come across! Some contour kits can make it look really obvious that you have contoured whereas this is really subtle but still does the job. There are two dark shades, one light shade and a shimmer shade to highlight your cheekbones further! It comes with a little brush too which is really handy! I use that brush for the dark shading and just a regular powder brush for the lighter colours!

3) Foundation Sponge

I bought this from BB Beautique. It is incredible! My foundation brush literally just moved my foundation around my face but this sponge really rubs it in. It is perfect for over my contour because I can use different sides to rub over the dark and the light which is useful. Also the tip is really useful for detail work especially around my eyes and hair line. They are super cheap – I think this one was only three pounds.

4) Sephora’s eyeshadow – ‘Hollywood’s Calling 82′

Another Sephora product I am in love with! I love the golden brown shimmery shade! It stays on and the glitter doesn’t spread over my face either. It can be applied on the lid or in the corners or below your eye. I love it!

5) Norwegian Hand Cream

You can get this at pretty much any drugs store like Boots or Superdrug. I bought it to go on my desk at work to moisturise my hands during the day. It is so good and smells great! It leaves my hands feeling so soft! It was really cheap too – less than three pounds!

On my wish list for July… 

Sheen Supreme Insanely It MAC Lipstick

 Sheen Supreme Lipstick