Fitspiration #33


Day 16 – Are ‘Fitspirations’ a bad thing?

I have been wanting to write this article for a while. There is so much controversy in the media as to whether ‘Fitspiration’ images are encouraging or a negative influence on people. You’ll have probably noticed I have a Fitspiration section on my blog, where I post influential quotes for encouragement to people. However in my opinion there are two kinds of Fitspiration posts. 

The negative kind makes women strive to unhealthy goals. 1 Most photos are heavily photoshopped to make women feel insecure about their weight (even though they are a healthy weight). Images in the media are extremely influential to women all over whether it be a teenager or a woman who is in her forties. Seeing the image above (what can only be dubbed as ‘thinspiration)’ is an unrealistic goal for anybody. Women have hips and curves and should embrace them instead of thinking they should lose them to look like the photoshopped women in these photos. I think these kinds of Fitspirations make women feel bad about themselves. Instead Fitspiration should be used to encourage women that working out is healthy but in moderation. Women shouldn’t feel guilty about eating certain foods or taking the escalator instead of the stairs. Which brings me onto the positive Fitspo.

I’m all for a good motivational quote which is why I post them. It encourages and motivates people. However when choosing which Fitspiration posts you decide to read, stay away from the ‘Thinspirations’ and focus on inspirational kind. The kind that actually makes you feel pumped to go to the gym or for a run or whatever, instead of making you feel bad and guilty you ate chocolate. 



Day 3 – My Favourite Hobbies

Day three of my blog challenge will be about what my favourite things to do in my spare time.

1- Reading and Writing. I love to read books, magazines, online articles. So much knowledge can be gathered through reading whether it is for pleasure or for a university course (I do both). I also love to write whether it be articles, poems, stories.


2- Sport. This is quite general because I love sport. I love running mostly however I enjoy going to spinning classes, dancing, boxing, circuit training and zumba.


3- Drawing. I find drawing and painting so relaxing. I prefer to draw animals and people rather than landscapes though.


4- Listening to music/ watching films, I love going to concerts and listening to live music with my friends and family.


5- Cooking and baking. I love making cakes, my favourite cake to make is chocolate fudge cake. My favourite meal to cook would be a shepherd’s pie.


Big Money Transfers in Football and Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale signed for Tottenham Hotspur football club in 2007 who originally paid seven million pounds for him. He then transferred to Spanish team, Real Madrid 1st September 2013 for a world record transfer fee of eighty five point three million. There is a debate as to whether he was worth that amount of money. For the first part of his season he was sat out or substituted originally due to a reoccurring thigh injury. However later on in the season he has really shown his true potential. Bale has demonstrated he is a world class player and a real game changer for Real Madrid.

On the 16th April, he scored the winning goal for Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey final, his 20th goal of the season, notably against their predominant rival, Barcelona. It is arguably his best goal of his career thus far. Real Madrid’s assistant coach Paul Clement said that, “I’m not sure I have ever seen a goal like that.” Before this match Bale had scored nineteen goals in thirty eight games. He proved in this moment that he was worth the vast amount he was bought for by the Spanish club.

Another example of a big money signing but in the Premier League involves the Spanish player, Fernando Torres, who is arguably one of the biggest flops. He left Liverpool for Chelsea in January 2011. He joined for a record British transfer fee of fifty million, making him the most expensive Spanish player thus far. Out of his ninety one appearances at Liverpool he scored sixty five goals in the league. This is contrasted to his career at Chelsea, where he was played seventy one times and he has scored only nineteen goals. This shows that a player’s success at one team does not guarantee a definite success at another team. This is due to confidence, injuries and whether they play to their strengths.

One of Manchester City’s biggest transfer flops was Robson de Souza also known as Robinho. He transferred to City 1st October 2008 from Real Madrid. He was transferred for thirty two million and a half, which at the time was the club’s second highest ever transfer, and was a British record for the most amount paid for a player. However he was not as successful as hoped because he only played forty one games for City, in two seasons. Robinho was then transferred to Milan for half the fee Manchester City had paid for him (sixteen million pounds).

On the other hand, twenty five year old Sergio Aguero who transferred to Manchester City from Athletico Madrid for thirty eight million has been a great success. He has been played in eighty two games, scoring a phenomenal fifty goals. He has also had fifteen assists, demonstrating that he can not only score goals but create goals, making him an all-round fantastic buy for City.

Due to Bale’s transfer money, Spurs have bought several players. However this has caused problems as the players have not gelled together or had time to settle in the club. For example Centre Forward, Roberto Soldado transferred from Valencia CF and was bought for twenty six million, four hundred thousand pounds. He has been a huge flop for Spurs. Soldado has recently had a hamstring injury. Out of the twenty seven games he has played for Spurs, he has scored only six goals. He has been brought on as a substitute five times and taken off on ten occasions.

Big money signings sometimes bring the team buying instant success however it is not always a guarantee. The risk involved is very high, however players such as Bale make it worth it.