My University Graduation

Firstly I apologize for not writing a post in a while! I have had my university graduation and have been on an amazing get away to Budapest! (but more about that later!). I thought I would write two posts on my graduation day and ball because it has been a massive mile stone for me! Graduating university has been an ambition of mine since I was a little girl. It was such an incredible day for my parents and I!

We set off early to travel back to my university which was so strange! I have been home officially from uni now for about two months so it felt strange not going back with the car packed full to the brim with all my stuff! We arrived there and were staying in my old room. I was quite fortunate to have a big room with my own en-suite for my final year. We got ready for the ceremony then travelled onto campus!

There was a shuttle bus to take us to where the ceremony and gown collection was because my uni campus is huge! (It actually is one of the biggest campuses in Europe apparently!) I went to collect my gown and register. The gown itself was so warm! It is catered to everybody’s height so fit well. I saw one of my old work colleagues there too which was lovely. We then went to have the official university photos taken (where you have a scroll and wear the traditional hat). First I had one by myself then another with my parents which was really nice!

I then met all of my friends at our department because the English department had organised a hog roast picnic for before the ceremony. It was so great to see my lecturers and my friends again! I was super nervous though for the ceremony!

The ceremony itself didn’t take that long – it was only an hour and a half! We were ushered to our seats then the procession started which included important people from the uni such as the Vice Chancellor who were going to sit on stage. One of the procession worked with me at the library so when I was on stage I gave her a big cheesy grin! We had a few speeches and a video about my university’s achievements this past year then the ceremony started. It was so nerve wracking going up on stage but I didn’t fall over! I was so happy and relieved to get my certificate!

After the ceremony closed me and my friends dashed to the iconic places for photos on campus (the fountain and the Loughborough sign). We clambered onto the sign for photos in our heels and dresses! Then we handed our robes back and I went for a meal with my parents.

The day itself was so much fun. My parents really enjoyed themselves too. The weather was really nice and sunny as well which was great!


Graduating with a 2:1!!

This past week or so has just been so great! Everything is going amazingly at the moment and today I received some great news – I have officially graduated from university with a 2:1 degree in English literature and language! I am so so sooo happy. I can’t even believe it! I have worked so hard through high school, college and university to get to this point so it’s a bit surreal that I am finally there! I’m really looking forward to my graduation ceremony and graduation ball (I’ll keep you all posted with the outfits/hair/make up looks!). My family and I are off to Centreparcs next week as part of the celebrations!


Today I did a skydive!

FullSizeRender (13)

My friend Lizzie and I after the jump

Today I did a skydive! I did it to raise money for the Breast Cancer Campaign, when I put everything together I will have raised £400 for this amazing cause!

I have always wanted to do a skydive and my university were offering the chance to do one in their ‘choose a challenge’ evening. So I signed up then seven months later the day finally came! I was so excited for it I only managed to have four and a half hours sleep the night before! A group of us went from the university on a coach to a local airfield. Once we got there we were briefed on what to expect, what positions to do at certain altitudes (the safety stuff really). I was one of the first to jump! I was more excited than nervous because I’m quite good with heights. We climbed into the little plane (which had no seats and a sliding see-through door!). The flight up was quite cool because I have never been in a plane that small before. I was then attached to my skydiver because I did a tandem. Then when we got to 13,000 feet above the clouds it was my time to jump!

We shuffled to the edge, the plane door was open and I dangled my feet over the edge! This was the scariest bit because all I could see were clouds. It is honestly what I imagined heaven to be like, it was so peaceful. It was quite cold at the top and progressively became warmer the closer to the ground I got so I wore gloves! I had to cross my hands over my chest, put my head back and arch my back ready for the free fall. The free fall was really amazing! Floating in the clouds, just enjoying what felt to me like flying. I had such a good time, it lasted for about 50 seconds before Chris pulled the parachute. Then we shot up and began to descend. The views were absolutely incredible! If you have ever seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original version) when they fly in the glass lift – that’s what it felt like!

It was literally the best experience of my life. The feeling you get from skydiving is so unexplainable – the adrenaline, the excitement and the nerves all at one time! I really enjoyed it and would do it again! The guys at the airfield made us all feel so comfortable and not nervous at all.

In the grand scheme of things I am more proud of the money I have raised than doing the actual jump itself. To be able to help people who have breast cancer by raising £400 is incredible. The university raised well over £6,000 for breast cancer from the skydives alone – which is phenomenal!

I will never forget this experience! I had a cameraman so have photos and videos and when they get sent to me I will upload it to my blog and you all can have a good laugh at me screaming the whole way down in true Sophie style!

Finding Graduate Jobs Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

I thought I’d write this piece to voice my opinon and help everyone out there in a similiar situation to me. Being a finalist at university it is time for me to find a grad job. When a lot people hear the words ‘grad jobs’ they freak out. And why shouldn’t they? Being in the comforts of education your whole life it is scary to venture out alone into the big wide world. But it doesn’t have to be frightening. For me, I’m excited. Excited at all the possible opportunities out there. I could be anything, work anywhere in the world, meet so many different people. All the opportunities out there for graduates are phenomenal. It’s just about finding something that would suit you personally.

Through observation, many people have taken different approaches to this, whether it be to put it off, block it from your mind and not attend any careers events or to presume there aren’t any jobs for them or their subject so don’t bother looking. These approaches may work for some people but definitely won’t work long term. It can be stressful when people are around you saying ‘I have applied to five how many have you applied to?!?!’ But everyone goes at their own pace and is interested in different things – an engineering student won’t necessarily want the same things as a fashion student for instance.

My advice to you guys (especially the worriers of the world) would be to research. Start researching companies and from there develop a plan of where you want to apply and work through them systematically. Look at it as a vast amount of opportunities waiting to be taken. Perspective is everything.

Tuesday Summary ♥

2014-09-26 22.05.33

♥ Picture of the Day ♥ – This selfie makes me laugh, with my friends from my course on one of our first get togethers in final year.

♥ Went to lectures on Modernisms which was on Joesph Conrad and Narratives of American Sport where we were looking at Moneyball (both the film and book – I’d recommend both buuuuut the film has Brad Pitt in soo it’s up to you on that one…). Tuesdays are so packed, five hours of lectures and seminars back to back.

♥ Warm drinks (my best friend and I have best friend mugs – cool I know).

2014-09-29 22.54.16

♥ Feels like winter when it’s horrible outside and I’m reading inside with my fairy lights on making my room so cosy.

♥ Onesie, fluffy socks and Tomato Soup timeee. The weather at the moment is so grim. It’s official I have the scarf out. I am determined that it is not cold enough for my winter coat yet but may cave soon as it’s so pretty (see below).

♥ ♥ ♥

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

I decided to make a casual blog post about stuff nobody has time for in their day.There are a lot of annoying things you find yourself doing that you really just don’t have the time for.  

1- Untangling earphones. My earphones literally tangle themselves into an intricate ball overnight JUST WHY.

2- My phone battery dying right in the middle of a text.

3- Dropping toothpaste down your shirt..jumper it is…

4- People who sit in the aisle seats on public transport with their bag just chilling on the window seat.

5- People that walk really slowly in front of you and/or take up the whole of the pavement so you have to make a lil unexpected detour onto the road to swerve them.

6- Receiving snapchat videos of the inside of a club on a night out. You can have a fun night out without taking six 10 second videos and sending it to your whole contact list.

7- When your biscuit crumbles into your drink of tea and it is lost forever.

8- People parking so wonky that they take up not one but TWO spaces in the car park.

9- Wearing matching socks.

10- Daily emails off all the sites you have ever made a purchase from.