My Shopping Haul #5

On Saturday I met one of my best friends from university at Meadowhall – which is a huuuuge shopping centre in Sheffield. I wasn’t really going for anything in particular (apart from MAC mascara) but I ended up seeing quite a few things which I loved! We had so much fun catching up, shopping and eating a large lunch (ice cream sundaes included). Here is what I bought…

1. Victoria’s Secret Body Mist – Love Addict

I bought the Mango Temptation one last year from Gatwick Airport in duty free and it smells amazing. It is so fruity and fresh. I love all the body mists from Victoria’s Secret. On their own they are a bit pricey – they are £13.00 per spray. However the store does a special deal if you buy more than one (which ends up being way cheaper). One of the deals was five for £30.00 (which included body lotion). So I bought two and Lauren bought three – this for me worked out at two for £12.00! The spray itself is lovely and stays on a while.

2. Victoria’s Secret Body Mist – Total Attraction

This was the other mist I invested in! I absolutely love it! It is cherry orchid and lily blossum so smells really sweet and fresh. It also isn’t too overpowering either!

3. Flower Rucksack from Hollister


I apologise for the photo quality I have an anciiiiiiient iPhone! This is the rucksack I bought from Hollister. I had the same rucksack throughout my time at uni but from cartng it home with farr too much stuff in it one strap is held on currently by pins so I thought it was definitely time to invest in a new one! I’m going to use it for days out with Joe if we’re going on long walks or for a picnic or something! I saw one initially in PINK by Victoria’s Secret but when I went back to buy it it had gone! So when I spotted this I was really pleased! It was a really good price – £29.00. It has loads of pockets and is really spacious inside. Plus it is really sturdy which is what I need!

4. Haute and Naughty Waterproof Lash from MAC

I ran out of my last MAC mascara so needed to replace it! I should probably buy a new mascara every three months but MAC mascara is quite dear (£19.00) so only replace it when it dries out or clogs up. I thought I would try the waterproof version this time. I really like it – to be honest I can’t see much of a difference from the non-waterproof version as of yet!

On My Wish List… 

I loveee the Nike Lunar Glide Trainers! My favourites are the ones on the left! At the moment my trainers have holes in so I may have to invest in a pair of these!


July Favourites ♥

July has been a pretty hectic month for me! I have been working at my new job, been away for a week with my family to Centerparcs, had my graduation ceremony and graduation ball and been on holiday to Budapest! So this monthly favourites is going to be more travel based.

1) Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover

£3.39 at Boots

I bought this from Boots but you can pretty much buy it at any supermarket and toiletary store like Superdrug. I used this after grad ball to get my smokey eyes off! What I do is put a little bit (so it covers the middle of the make-up pad) onto a make up pad and wipe my eye lids with it. My eyes are really sensitive to certain face wipes and make-up but this product doesn’t irritate it at all. It is perfect for your holiday as well (especially if it is hot and your make up smudges).

2) Bio-Oil

Depends what size you get as to price. It is sold at toiletry stores like Boots and Superdrug and at supermarkets like Tescos and Asda. I try to use Bio-Oil once a week all over my skin to re-hydrate it. I used it on holiday as a substitute for after sun when my skin was burnt. It really eased my sore skin after being in the sun all day! I would recommend taking the smaller one for travelling. Bio-Oil is renowned for helping to fade scars and stretch marks too so it is wonderful stuff!

3) Sephora mattifying compact powder – clair light 20

This pressed powder was perfect for my holidays. It evened out my skin tone but also made my skin appear non-oily. It is really easy to apply (I usually apply it with Sephora’s precision powder 59 brush). It goes well over my foundation or just on my bare skin.

4) Victoria’s Secret Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist

Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist

£9.30 or Special 3/£16.60 or 5/£19.92 from Victoria’s Secret Online Store

I love Victoria’s Secret body mists for summer because they smell so fresh. I always buy fruity smelling fragrances from there. This bottle is perfect to have in your handbag in case you want to freshen up. The smell is not too strong and I quite like using body mists as opposed to sprays!

5) Vaseline

Good old vaseline. I always pack this with me on flights as well as have one in my handbag with me everywhere I go. It was perfect in Budapest because the temperature was so so hot and I didn’t want my lips to burn. I use the pink one so it has a lip gloss effect but the plain one works just as well!

On My Wish List…

This mini perfume set from Victoria’s Secret – £29.88

Eau de Parfum Gift Box

My Shopping Haul #3

Sunday I went on a massive shopping spree to Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre. I was shopping mainly for work clothes, holiday clothes and graduation dresses! I came back with a few bits and bobs – still looking for the perfect ceremony and ball dress though (so more shopping trips are in order yay!).

Vera Cut Out Flat Black Patent Leather Shoes


Reduced £21.00

My sister has some shoes similar to this from Topshop and I love them (unfortunately for me though she is a few sizes smaller than me). I have literally been searching everywhere for some! Office were having a hugeeee sale and I found these! They’re pretty much everyday shoes for me – so for work when it is nice, on a weekend with dresses/jeans/leggings. Another thing I love about Office is that they didn’t have my size in so I ordered it online then and there with free delivery!


The Topshop in Leeds is four floors so I spent a longggg time in here!

Broderie Pinafore Sundress


Broderie Pinafore Sundress

I love this dress – as soon as I saw it I thought I have to have it!

Colour-Block Luggage Bag


Colour-Block Luggage Bag

I bought this bag for work. It also came with a longer, adjustable strap in case you didn’t want to carry it.

Oversized Chambray Shirt


Oversized Chambray Shirt

This is to wear for work and casually on a weekend with jeans. I love how this shirt can look smart or casual depending on what you wear it with. It is oversized so depends on how loose you want it so I tried on a range of sizes from a 6 to a 10 and chose the type I preferred. It also has slits in the side which I loveeee.

Victoria’s Secret – PINK

Sports Duffel Bag


Large Quilted Duffle Bag

I needed a new sports bag, and PINK in Victoria’s Secret has some gorgeous sports wear. The bag is amazing – so spacious for all my gym stuff and has pockets for water bottles, padlocks etc.


I love Bodycare for cheaper branded toiletries.

Eyeliner/Brow Pencil Sharpener

I bought mine for 99p because I am always borrowing my sister’s sharpener!

Minature Toiletaries

99p Each

I bought a shampoo, conditioner and miniature suncream (£2.99) from Bodycare for my trip to Prague on Saturday! I think they’re perfect size – they do them at Savers, Poundland or Bodycare (a lot cheaper than Boots).

Simple Light Moisturiser


Definitely one of my favourite items in my make up bag. Every time it runs out I replace it – I use it as a moisturiser for face, body and hands. I always buy the light version (there is a rich version also).

Neutrogena Face Scrub


I love this face scrub. It’s always good to change up your face washes and shampoo/conditioners every so often.

Norwegian Formula Hand Cream


I am obsessed with this hand cream! It smells amazing and you only need a teeny bit as well!

Wish List

Yellow printed V-neck cami playsuit

River Island


Yellow printed V-neck cami playsuit

I love playsuits, they’re perfect for sporting holidays. I want to buy this for my family holiday to Centreparcs!

My Shopping Haul #2

Here is another one of my shopping hauls! My sister and I went to Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre for some girly shopping time and here’s what we bought. As always I’ll write underneath where the items were purchased and the price.

1- Purple Lipstick from Topshop. (Matte Lip Bullet in More Than a Woman)

Photo 1 of Matte Lip Bullet in More Than a Woman

This was from Topshop. It is £8.00 per lipstick or they do an offer of £12 for two. Plus you can use your student discount!

2- Black leather Vans from Office

These Vans are gorgeous! They are from Office and were around £50 (including student discount).

3-  Lucy Cat Eye Sunglasses from Accessorize

From Accessorize these sunglasses were £10. They are a different shape which I love.

4-  Victoria’s Secret Body Mist

These are lovely, the scents range from fruity to flowery. I think it was roughly £10 but there are deals and sets available.

On my wish list…

Black riding boots

I need some long boots for winter and these from Dorothy Perkins would be perfect!