Blogmas Day 15 – My Favourite Winter Coats

Blogmas Day 15 will be an article on my favourite winter coats. With the weather getting chillier I thought it was time to ditch my leather jacket and buy a winter coat! Here are a few I love…

This is the coat I bought, it’s from Topshop and has black leather elbow pads! They have it in a khaki colour too.

This is from River Island. I particularly love the fur and the gold statement zips.

Abercrombie & Fitch Parka With Faux Fur Trimmed Hood

This Abercrombie and Fitch parka is available from ASOS.

Esprit Faux Fur Hooded Coat

I love this faux fur coat, it looks so snuggly and cosy! It has a hood as well. Also available from ASOS.

ASOS PETITE Skater Duffle Coat with Skirt Detail

This duffle coat is gorgeous, I love the unique skirt look it has – similar to Kim Kardashian’s below.

Buy L.K. Bennett Boston Trench Coat, Pebble Online at

This trench coat from John Lewis is so classy – the belt around the middle really gives this item some shape.


From Zara, this puffa jacket will keep you warm with the extra quilting.

Over sized coats are really in fashion at the moment too!

The Michelle Keegan range for Lipsy is gorgeous!


Tuesday Summary ♥

2014-09-26 22.05.33

♥ Picture of the Day ♥ – This selfie makes me laugh, with my friends from my course on one of our first get togethers in final year.

♥ Went to lectures on Modernisms which was on Joesph Conrad and Narratives of American Sport where we were looking at Moneyball (both the film and book – I’d recommend both buuuuut the film has Brad Pitt in soo it’s up to you on that one…). Tuesdays are so packed, five hours of lectures and seminars back to back.

♥ Warm drinks (my best friend and I have best friend mugs – cool I know).

2014-09-29 22.54.16

♥ Feels like winter when it’s horrible outside and I’m reading inside with my fairy lights on making my room so cosy.

♥ Onesie, fluffy socks and Tomato Soup timeee. The weather at the moment is so grim. It’s official I have the scarf out. I am determined that it is not cold enough for my winter coat yet but may cave soon as it’s so pretty (see below).

♥ ♥ ♥