Final Blog Post of the Year!

This will be my final blog post of 2013! What a year this has been! It has gone so fast and been crammed with so many happy memories for me. 2013 has made me realise a lot of things and I am truly blessed to have been able to share my year with the people I love. Here are a few random things that happened to me this year…

2013 was….

The year I went blonde!


The year I went to London twice!

The year I got a 2:1 in my degree

The year I was in a runway fashion show


The year I met Sugar Ray Leonard


The year my sister looked beautiful at her prom


The year I moved out of halls and into a house with my best friends

The year I got two jobs in the space of a week

The year my sister got amazing GCSE results

The year I met a double gold medallist from the 2012 Olympics

The year I was no longer a teenager


The year I was converted to Kindle!

The year my birthday celebrations lasted a whole week

The year me and my best friend wrestled each other in sumo suits


The year my favourite band split up

The year I tried new sports like rock-it-ball and aqua jogging

The year I got a Disney princess cake for my birthday


The year I acted like a little kid on a bouncy castle

The year I bought my mom her first subway and invented the tradition of ‘subway Saturdays’

The year I bought new glasses – my first Ray Bans

The year I was converted back to team iPhone

The year I had more of my work published in the uni magazine

The year I spent so much precious time creating amazing memories with my family and best friends



Motivational Video

The other day I came across one of the best motivational videos I have ever seen. The video, which I found on YouTube is an inspirational video featuring Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Ian Thorpe, Cesar Cielo, Alain Bernard, James Magnusson and Nathan Adrian. How many of you have set an early morning alarm for a run and just pressed snooze or turned it off and rolled back over to sleep? This video encourages you to stop your alarm, get out of bed and do what you intended to do. It really encourages you and inspires you. I would really recommend you to watch it. Some people have even been known to set it as their alarm clock!

Here is the link – 

(if this does not work, go to YouTube and type in ‘motivational alarm clock swimmer’ and it is the top video that comes up)


What Christmas is All About

You only have to go to your local town centre to see everybody rushing around hecticly trying to get their Christmas shopping sorted. But is this what Christmas is all about? Stressing out to make sure you get the perfect gift, the best turkey and the tree just right? An experience I had in the past has made me realise the true meaning of Christmas. Earlier this year I volunteered at a homeless shelter. The people there were so desperate for food and so thankful for the food we made for them. They were so happy in each other’s company and showed some genuine interest in my friends and I – what we studied at university, what ambitions we had for the future, what were our families like etc. This made me truly think, Christmas should be about being thankful for what you have and should be a time for families to spend quality time together and enjoy each other’s company. It should also be a time to help those less fortunate than yourself – whether that is for you to give a few hours of your time to a homeless shelter, buy a coffee for someone homeless on the street or get involved with the scheme where you make a shoebox full of toys for children abroad who have been affected by natural disasters. So who cares if you don’t get the latest iPhone or whatever for Christmas, you should be thankful for the things in life you cannot put a price on.