Exploring The Yorkshire Moors ❤️

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with the Brontë sisters! My all time favourite novels are Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. I am lucky enough to live fifteen minutes away from where these literary masterpieces were penned! The Bronte Parsonage in Howarth is truly beautiful! My best friend from university was visiting for the weekend (she too is equally obsessed), so we decided to release our inner Catherine Earnshaw/Linton/Heathcliff…

The main cobbled street down Howarth

Us outside the famous Parsonage

A scene from the film ‘Wild Child’ is actually filmed in this very spot!

There are some unique lovely shops in Howarth including a vintage shop, an apothecary and lots of beautifully quaint tea rooms

The parsonage where the Brontë sisters grew up. They are not buried in this grave yard, but in vaults inside the church to the right


Happy New Year!

2014-09-26 17.28.23

Happy New Year to you all!

Hope you have a fantastic night!

I wish you all the best for 2015

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone that follows me, has read my work, commented and liked my posts! Keep your eyes peeled for exciting things which are to be revealed in 2015!

Sophie Chekruga xox

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

I decided to make a casual blog post about stuff nobody has time for in their day.There are a lot of annoying things you find yourself doing that you really just don’t have the time for.  

1- Untangling earphones. My earphones literally tangle themselves into an intricate ball overnight JUST WHY.

2- My phone battery dying right in the middle of a text.

3- Dropping toothpaste down your shirt..jumper it is…

4- People who sit in the aisle seats on public transport with their bag just chilling on the window seat.

5- People that walk really slowly in front of you and/or take up the whole of the pavement so you have to make a lil unexpected detour onto the road to swerve them.

6- Receiving snapchat videos of the inside of a club on a night out. You can have a fun night out without taking six 10 second videos and sending it to your whole contact list.

7- When your biscuit crumbles into your drink of tea and it is lost forever.

8- People parking so wonky that they take up not one but TWO spaces in the car park.

9- Wearing matching socks.

10- Daily emails off all the sites you have ever made a purchase from. 

Holi One Colour Festival!

On Saturday 9th August I went to a colour festival called Holi One. It was incredible! They have them all over the world but me and my best friends went to one a Harewood House in Leeds. A colour festival is basically where you chill and listen to music (both live bands and Dj sets) and on the hour every hour everybody gathers in the middle and throws their powder paint in the air. It was such a fantastic experience! The weather stayed fine and sunny all day which was a relief!

This was after the festival!

We received some funny looks whilst on the train home!

Day 16 – Are ‘Fitspirations’ a bad thing?

I have been wanting to write this article for a while. There is so much controversy in the media as to whether ‘Fitspiration’ images are encouraging or a negative influence on people. You’ll have probably noticed I have a Fitspiration section on my blog, where I post influential quotes for encouragement to people. However in my opinion there are two kinds of Fitspiration posts. 

The negative kind makes women strive to unhealthy goals. 1 Most photos are heavily photoshopped to make women feel insecure about their weight (even though they are a healthy weight). Images in the media are extremely influential to women all over whether it be a teenager or a woman who is in her forties. Seeing the image above (what can only be dubbed as ‘thinspiration)’ is an unrealistic goal for anybody. Women have hips and curves and should embrace them instead of thinking they should lose them to look like the photoshopped women in these photos. I think these kinds of Fitspirations make women feel bad about themselves. Instead Fitspiration should be used to encourage women that working out is healthy but in moderation. Women shouldn’t feel guilty about eating certain foods or taking the escalator instead of the stairs. Which brings me onto the positive Fitspo.

I’m all for a good motivational quote which is why I post them. It encourages and motivates people. However when choosing which Fitspiration posts you decide to read, stay away from the ‘Thinspirations’ and focus on inspirational kind. The kind that actually makes you feel pumped to go to the gym or for a run or whatever, instead of making you feel bad and guilty you ate chocolate. 



Day 15 – 10 of the Best Presents for Students

1- Literally ANY food. Students always need more food. Whether it is chocolate or snacks to a voucher for Sainsbury’s or Tescos for their next shop.


2- A flask so they can take tea/coffee/hot chocolate to their gruelling 9am lectures.


3- A Kindle. As an English student I know that there is nothing worse than lugging tonnes of textbooks around so a Kindle solves all of that.


4- The obvious one – ALCOHOL. Trust me it will be used. 


5- Student houses aren’t the warmest so a good blanket/ onesie/ hot water bottle will definitely come in handy.


6- A whiteboard. Whether it is for house/ hall messages or for organisation they come in really handy!


7- Anything to decorate their rooms with. So posters of their favourite bands or photoframes etc.


8- Jokey presents like scrabble fridge magnets that will make their accommodation more cosy.


9- A student cook book. My grandma bought me one when I went to uni and it came in soo handy.


10- Anything that will save them money. For Christmas my relatives get me a load of stationary and toiletries because I will use them and it saves me buying them.


God’s Own Country Poem

Is summat up wi thissen?

Can tha get meh?

Al tell ya summat fo’ nowt

you folk reckon I chelp nonsense.


Ah’m fair stalled of chunterin’

baht how i say coit or coke or no.

fratchin’ baht teacake, or

snicket or brew


Doesn’t tha know I’m from

God’s Own Country? Stop Gawpin’ n’ faffin’

when I ‘appen t’say a word

not t’taste of thissen


Chuffin’ eck lass

ah’ll go t’foot of ahr stairs,

when tha hears another lass

talkin’ language of a yorkshireman.