Almost There

Rolling hills and abandoned mills,

derelict, decrepit buildings,

rain racing down the unwashed windows,

Almost there.


Kindles glaring at their readers,

trees dancing and waving in the wind,

cars wizzing past, headlights a blur,

Almost there.


A dark blanket fast approaching,

children called in for tea time,

decorated grave stones, majestic church squires,

clock strikes nine – almost there. 



Yesterday was the most amazing day! I finally passed my driving test!! I have been learning now for about two years but I’ve had to stop and start due to university. I finally ended up learning in my uni town and passed on my third go. For anyone out there who has failed one or more driving tests and is about to give up – please don’t. You will definitely get there in the end! I was so frustrated failing twice but it made me more motivated and more determined to pass. I really feel like I put in a lot of time and effort and really earned my pink license! The lessons I learnt are 1) You are bound to not get things at first try in life but you just have to dust yourself down and get back to it. 2) Nothing great comes easy. 3) It is all about mental attitude. On my first two times I was so so nervous and in the end that got the better of me. But the day before my test my Dad gave me a pep talk (which he’s amazing at) and really calmed me down. I genuinely think that if it wasn’t for my Dad giving me that talk I would probably be booking test number four right now… So keep persisting and don’t give up! Just look towards the end result and you will get there! Stay positive!


God’s Own Country Poem

Is summat up wi thissen?

Can tha get meh?

Al tell ya summat fo’ nowt

you folk reckon I chelp nonsense.


Ah’m fair stalled of chunterin’

baht how i say coit or coke or no.

fratchin’ baht teacake, or

snicket or brew


Doesn’t tha know I’m from

God’s Own Country? Stop Gawpin’ n’ faffin’

when I ‘appen t’say a word

not t’taste of thissen


Chuffin’ eck lass

ah’ll go t’foot of ahr stairs,

when tha hears another lass

talkin’ language of a yorkshireman.

“Life is a seri…

“Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realise this. For the world was built to develop character and we must learn that the set backs and grieves which we endure help us in marching onward” – Henry Ford

I love this quote, I opened my diary with it. Each day I write a quote and a goal I have taken from meaning of the quotation or the day. Through everything that happens to us whether the experiences be positive or negative it makes us a better person overall. We can also use these experiences in the future as well. Our collective life experiences helps us to progress as human beings. 

Interview with Dancer and Loughborough University’s Dance Show Coordinator, Hannah Redfern

Hannah is currently in her third year of studying Sport and Exercise Science. She has been dancing since she was four years old. Hannah has done a variety of dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary along with some others!

1)      What is your favourite type of dance and why?

Ballet is without a doubt my favourite style of dance to both watch and perform. I think ballet dancers are incredible athletes and it’s such a beautiful art form.

2)      What do you love most about dancing and why?

Shows!! I absolutely love performing on stage, hence why I took on the role of show co-ordinator- I really wanted to have a go at creating my own! I am a really arty person so loved getting creative when producing the show- not something I usually get to do on a science course!

3)      As the shows coordinator what did your role entail? Was it challenging?

My role included designing and producing all the promotional aspects of the performance so things like posters, programmes and T-shirts as well as choreographing the opening and closing routines for the whole club. I also had to hire venues and staff, create a theme, liaise with teachers and random other bits of organising such as DVDs and tickets! It was definitely more fun than stressful (except the last week!). The amazing people I had supporting me certainly made my life alot easier! The staff from LSU Media and the LSU Tech Crew have been particularly great so a massive thank you to those guys!

4)      What was your favourite part of the dance show?

From an organisational point of view I loved seeing all of my ideas and designs coming together in the flesh, which was so rewarding! The fact that we sold out twice and were almost full on the remaining night was really great to see and all the hype and support on social media was overwhelming- nice to see people appreciating all the effort everyone from LSUDC put into the show!

5)      How were the rehearsals?

Rehearsals were long and tiring! I worked out I did 48 hours of dance the week before/of the show and I would just like to thank all the dancers again for the time and hard work they put in! The teachers and committee also deserve a massive thank you for their dedication all year round and to making the club as successful as it is!

6)      What is your favourite thing about being in LSU Dance?

The people without a doubt, everyone is so lovely and friendly- we are a very sociable club! I have also loved having the opportunity to teach and be a part of the committee. From organising the show I have learnt just how lucky we are to have such an amazing Students Union here in Loughborough and it is lovely to have gained more insight into areas which I didn’t know much about before!

7)      Now it is over what is next in store? The competition coming up?

Yes we have our competition soon! If you enjoyed ‘Let’s go to the Movies!’ and want to see your favourite dances again, make sure you come along to our LSU Dance Competition in Sir David Wallace on Sat 8th and Sunday 9th March. It is the biggest university Dance competition in Britain and its always such a great weekend, there is a big social in Room 1 on Saturday night too which is open to all!

8)      What was your favourite dance on the night and why?

Matilda was my favourite one to dance in as I loved acting like a child every night! However I also loved watching the ‘Happy Feet’ Penguin tappers choreographed by our award winning tap teacher and vice chair Faye!

9)      How was it on the night and being on stage?

The show nights ran really smoothly actually which was nice as it meant I wasn’t panicking before going on stage! Dancing was so much fun but the weekend just went way too quickly! Again, a HUGE thank you to anyone involved in any way, it has been an incredible experience and I have loved every second of it! Anyone thinking of joining LSUDC next year, you would be MAD not too! 

Interview with Dancer, Natasha Tavani after the Loughborough University Dance Show

Natasha is a second year student, studying English at Loughborough University. She recently participated in the fabulous LSU Dance Show. Natasha started dancing at the young age of three doing baby ballet. She then picked up modern and tap which she did until thirteen years old. Then she moved onto doing GCSE Dance which was mainly contemporary. She did this for two years then took a short break before starting again with LSU Dance.

What is your favourite type of dance?

I really like  watching ballet, but I think I enjoy performing jazz and hip-hop most.

What was your favourite type of dance in the dance show?

Tricky one! All the dances had different parts which I loved doing, but I guess Jazz was my favourite to dance.

What was the atmosphere like backstage at the dance show?

There were lots of nerves! But so much fun, everybody was supportive! There were lots of quick changes, so it was all very manic.

How was being onstage on the night?

It was terrifying but exhilarating. I get really nervous but it was very fast paced and you didn’t really get time to think about what you were doing! It was so much fun though, the cheers from the audience were great!

What was your favourite part?

My favourite part was the finale as everybody was on stage. It was really fun and relaxed with everyone dancing, cheering and bowing. It was great.

How were rehearsals?

They were really fun! It was great to see what everyone else had been up to since October! All of the girls in the club are so talented.

Any dance events coming up?

There is a competition in two weeks time. So many universities from all over the country are involved. There will be over 1000 students competing. It is held here, at Loughborough University.

Are you excited for it?

I’m really excited. It should be so much fun! We’ve got a social planned for the Saturday as well, which will be absolutely great.