Blogmas Days 15 and 16 – Lip Crayon, Sparkly Nails and Christmas Jumpers!

I can’t believe that we are well over halfway in Blogmas now! Eek! I definitely feel like the Christmas jumper needs to come out soon!

Day 15 of my beauty advent brought me…

… No7 High Shine Lip Crayon (the second shade from the left)

I love this! It is a really natural colour and also has little sparkly glitters emerged in it adding an extra festive glisten! It doesn’t have a shade name on the crayon but it is more of a pink than a red. It is also quite moisturising which is great because I can double it up as a lip balm. This was pleasantly surprising as some lip crayons can be really drying.

Whilst we’re on the topic  of lip products I really would like a Kylie Lip Kit! Kylie Jenner has released three lip kits including a gloss and lip liner in each. They are gorgeous! They sold out in a ridiculous short time but she is restocking in January I think!

Candy K

Day 16 of beauty adventing brought meee…

… 4ml of No7 Nail Effect ‘Sun Rays’ shade

I have so many new nail products to try once my acrylics are off so I am sure I will do a whole blog post on that alone! I love glitter nail varnish – whether it is over a colour or on its own. Glitter is very in right now! Cannot wait to try this!

My Favourite Christmas Jumpers

Soo last year I bought the best Christmas jumper ever! As you all know I love the film ‘Home Alone’ and my Christmas jumper has one of the most prominent quotes from the whole film on it. I saw it on and thought I have to have it!

I feel like Christmas jumpers have become so popular in recent years and I think there is an unspoken rule of no judging the jumpers! So basically anything goes and the uglier and more patterned the jumper the better really! Having said that I was in Dorothy Perkins the other day and they have some beautiful, simple Christmas jumpers and to be honest I could have bought them all! So with those contradictory statements in mind.. I thought I would share with you some more of my fave festive jumpers!

F&F Penguin Pom Pom Christmas Jumper

£9.00 from F&F at Tesco

Tesco are going all out this year with the festive jumpers, socks, pjs – everything! It is so reasonable in price too.

Hollie Reindeer & Snowflake Christmas Jumper

£15.00 from

They have such a varied selection of Christmas jumpers – patterned, cute, novelty – you are bound to find one that even the scroogiest of you out there simply cannot part with!

Brooke Bah Humpug Christmas Jumper

£12.00 from

Black Penguin Fairisle Christmas Jumper  | New Look

£24.99 from New Look

Or there is the Christmas cardigan option from ASOS at £24.50

Let me know where your favourite Christmas jumper is from in the comments below




Blogmas Day 21 – Christmas Jumpers, Mockingjay Part One and Calamari!

Hey Guys! Today is going to be a random diary-type blogmas! Basically I have had such a lazy weekend. My family and I had a movie marathon in my new Christmas jumper watching Harry Potter, Home Alone 1 AND 2, a few chick flicks then I went to the cinema to see the new Hunger Games film! I have wanted to see this film for absolutely aaaaages!

The film was really good. You definitely have to see the previous two though/read the books to understand what is going on because this one is basically picking up straight where the last one finished. It is a tad depressing buuuut that’s part of the whole dystopian story line. I really enjoyed it though. The last film is split into two parts (like Harry Potter and Twilight) so the last last one is probably coming out next year. If any of you guys have seen the part one, feel free to comment below and let me know what you thought of it!

I also had lots of lovely food! I went to this gorgeous restaurant where one of my really good friends works and had the best calamari. For anyone who doesn’t really know what calamari is it’s basically squid (calamari is the Italian name for it). Kind of like an onion ring or scampi where it’s coated with the meat inside. You usually have it with a dip and lemon. It was so yummy!

Blogmas Day 12 – How I Celebrate Christmas!

For my 12th Blogmas I thought I’d share with you guys what I do at Christmas time!

What do I do on the run up to Christmas?

The run up to Christmas is really fun! I’m home from university and get to spend all my time with family and friends! Last year I went to the Christmas markets in Manchester which were amazing! Everyone was in wooly wear and I had beer in a little wooden hut. There were Christmas lights and decorations and an ice-skating rink!

This year I went to a Christmas light switch in London with my best friend, where Union J performed! Alongside Take That, Jersey Boys, Jessie Ware and the winners of Britain’s Got Talent!

What is my tree like?

This year we are chopping part of a hugeeee tree in our garden down and using that! I’m excited to decorate it and decorate the house with Christmas candles and ornaments!

What do I do on Christmas Eve?

Usually my dad works (and I have worked in the past), so when everyone is home we all snuggle in the lounge and watch Christmas films with chocolate!

What do I do on the day?

This year we are going out to a restaurant with my grandparents for our Christmas meal which I’m really excited for. Last year it was the wholeee family at my auntie’s – so that’s 14 people around a table! We usually do presents and breakfast in the morning. Then get into our posh Christmas outifts, have our meal then come back and watch alllll the Christmas specials with celebrations, Christmas cake, match-makers, after eights and cheese and biscuits!

What do I do on Boxing Day?

Boxing day is quite a chilled day for us. In the past we have been to the cinema as a family and had a meal. We have also had a second massive party at my auntie’s house. It depends on whose turn it is to host/ what everyone else in the family are doing really!

Best Christmas present ever received?

Last year was the best! I asked my mom for a curling wand and when I opened my presents I received a curling wand! I was so happy but then opened the next present and it was a Kindle also from my parents!!! It was a total surprise I almost cried! ha ha!

What is my favourite Christmas tune?

Hmm I love ‘All I Want for Christmas is you’ buuut my favourite definitely has to be O’Holy Night because it reminds me of my high school Christmas concert where I sung in the choir!

Blogmas Day 7 – Gift Ideas for Him

This is going to be a similar post to yesterday but for men! It can be so difficult buying for guys! What do you buy the man in your life who has everything he needs? Well…. here are a few ideas!


I once bought Joe these amazing speakers! As you play music through them the water moves up and down and changes colour! You can get these from Amazon.


Buy John Lewis Desktop Mini Football Table Online at

This table football is only £10.00 from John Lewis!

Eau De Toilette

Whether it is body spray or aftershave this is a really good gift!


Buy Eleven Paris Kate Moss Moustache T-Shirt, White Online at

This is £35.00 from John Lewis – just make sure you know their size!

Books/ Films/ CDs

A Watch

Image 1 of Sekonda Chronograph Watch & Cufflinks Gift Set

This one is beautiful! It’s £79.99 from ASOS

A new wallet

Image 1 of Ted Baker Dornas Leather Billfold Wallet

This Ted Baker wallet has been reduced to £44.00 on ASOS.


Image 1 of Hugo Boss Simony Cufflinks

These are £59.00 from ASOS.

Blogmas Day 4 – My Favourite Christmas Nail Ideas

Here are a few of my favourite christmas nail art ideas! Whether you have them done professionally or try yourself at home, I think they look fun and festive!

I love the snowmen!

This is one that could be easily tried at home!

These are simple but classic.

I love the different theme for each nail here!

This idea is definitely my favourite!

So simple to do at home – all you need is tape and two colours!

Bargain Nails! Only £2.69 from Amazon!

These are £8.00 from River Island

Blogmas Day 2 – Comfy Christmas Themed Outfit

Today I’ll be showing you a comfy christmas outfit for those who like to stay in and have a chilled day!

In Primark they do some really comfy christmas leggings! These are perfect for lounging around, watching christmas films and eating your dinner in!

I’d wear these with fluffy socks/slippers (keeping with the Christmas theme here guys).

I’d wear with it a Christmas jumper (as seen in yesterday’s post) or a long sleeved top.

For jewellery I would wear lots of sparkle! Diamante earrings, bracelet and necklace.

If you want something a little less seasonal you can mix and match these items with jeans (as shown in the picture above) or a plain t-shirt. But this day only comes around once a year so why not go all out!

Blogmas Day 1 – My Favourite Christmas Jumpers

Seeing as it feels like Christmas is getting earlier and earlier every year (selling Christmas decorations in October?!) I decided to hop on board and do Blogmas! Blogmas is basically a blog post everyday starting from the first of December all the way up to Christmas! It can be Christmas related or a diary type thing of what you have done in the lead up to Christmas. Mine will be a mix of both and I’ll throw in a few videos too – so stay tuned for those!

There’s a huge obsession around Christmas jumpers at the moment, they are everywhere! I ordered the best Christmas jumper last night!

I’m a hugeee fan of the film Home Alone so had to buy this! It’s from and cost £15.00 (bargain!).

Here are some more Christmas jumpers that I love!

Marks and Spencer are doing some gorgeous Christmas jumpers this year! This one is reduced to £20.00.

Available now

This lights up! It’s £49.99 from

This one is from Next and is £22.00. I loveee the sequins on this one!

This is from Dorothy Perkins and is reduced to £18.20!

Image 1 of Only Festive Jumper

I love the crazy pattern Christmas jumpers! £25.00 from ASOS.

One for the guys…

Image 1 of ASOS Christmas Jumper with Tinsel Design

This epitomizes Christmas jumper!

If you guys don’t want to be as erm daring shall we say this one from Topman is perfect!